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    I don't think you will regret giving the pillow a try. The Medcline pillow is made of memory foam and is very comfortable.  Before I ordered it, someone lent me a hard foam wedge and it was not comfortable at all so I gave it back. This has been a topic of conversation on the Smartpatients website also.  Some people can't sleep on their left sides and some can't sleep on their right.  It seems to...

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      I love and swear by my Medcline wedge.  I had an esophagectomy in July 2015 and got the pillow in October 2016 (it was pricey and I think I was waiting to see if I survived long enough to justify it). I sleep with it every night and it has held up very well.  I did not get the body pillow, just the wedge and put my own pillow on top of it.  I find that I have the least reflux if I sleep on my left side...

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        My esophagectomy was in July 2015 and I had not had much problem with aspiration at night once I started sleeping on my Medcline wedge in October of 2016.  Now since the first of the year, I have been having bile reflux (I think, it certainly is bitter and awful) several times per week.  I have not changed my diet and it does not seem to matter what I have eaten and how close to bedtime.  I have tried ...

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