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RE: How was your cancer found?

by KimmyAnn - May 11 at 10:19 AM

Thanks for sharing everyone,  very interesting stories. I wish everyone the best of health and happiness!

How was your cancer found?

by KimmyAnn - May 06 at 11:02 AM

Anyone interested in sharing your story? Mine is interesting - I developed jaw pain that woke me at night. I feared a dental abscess so at 3am one morning,  I started feeling around my neck for swollen glands and felt something hard near my throat. I went into work the next day and asked a coworker who is a clinician to feel my neck. She said your thyroid is enlarged, go see your primary. So I got a TSH drawn that was 5.5 and my doc wasn't impressed. I told her my coworker said my thyroid is enlarged so she felt it and said we'll get an ultrasound. Ultrasound showed a single nodule in the isthmus with all bad signs, and the biopsy was positive for PTC!

Interesting,  9 months later? So far, I still feel fine for the moment and hope it stays that way!

Great news! So far I feel fine, just tired. Remaining hopeful that it stays that way!

Side effects from RAI ablation

by KimmyAnn - May 04 at 12:19 AM

Hi all, I just finished a week long whole body iodine uptake scan which showed residual thyroid tissue in my neck, and they subsequently gave me RAI ablation at 75 millicuries. I've been instructed to keep secluded in my house for the weekend with return to normal activity on Monday. Has anyone gone through ablation and had any side effects? So far, I'm just tired. I'm hoping it stays that way!

RE: Ablation and isolation times

by KimmyAnn - April 22 at 12:23 PM

Thanks all, I'm using the term isolation loosely to describe the restrictions.  The radiology department told me if the test is positive at the end of the week, I get the ablation dose the same day. Anyone else have that experience? I thought they would schedule it at a future date. 

Ablation and isolation times

by KimmyAnn - April 19 at 3:45 PM

Hi all, building on the other recent post about isolation times, I am having the whole body iodine scan soon and just spoke to the nuclear tech. She said if the test is positive on Friday, the scan day, they set me up right away with the ablation and then I am only isolated Fri, Sat, and Sun. I have read most places that it is 7 days. Anyone have a similar schedule to this for ablation?

Prep for whole body iodine scan

by KimmyAnn - March 24 at 12:07 PM

HI all, what kind of prep if any did you need to do before the scan? I see mixed info online and haven't gotten my instructions yet so I'm curious. Thanks!

No, it was general diet advice. But I have read that cooking the veggies decreases the goitrogens in the foods and we always eat them cooked. In my research over the past weeks, I have seen nothing showing any particular diet is mandatory, other than 'eating healthy', but my endo suggested to avoid cruciferous vegetables.

That is great because we eat a lot of both with our diet! Thanks! 

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