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    Hi, I just want to encourage you and your precious wife. Please, get her to a Carcinoid / Neuroendocrine specialist. They know the signs or red flags of carcinoid. If she has it, the quicker they start treating her the better. This is rare, and most Dr.s have heard of it, but really don't understand it enough to prescribe a treatment. It's treated with surgery if possible, also certain drugs are used for it.  O...

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      Hi Carrie, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. I'm a survivor of a cancerous carcinoid tumor in the appendix. I thank the Lord every day. Don't give up, and I would suggest you get to a Neuroendocrine Specialist. Mine is Dr. Woltering in Kenneer, LA. (New Orleans). There are quite a few specialists in the US that deal with this rare type of cancer. It's treatment is usually a lot different than the co...

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