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    Please be available and help CFcox, Are you saying Signet cell ring carcinoma is curable, or cancer in general? My daughter has signet cell ring carcinoma that has spread into the Lymph nodes, and bone, and I am terrified. You have to pry any info out of the Dr, and am at such a loss out here on the internet. 

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      Hello, can you please give me an update on your son? My daughter has this, and am desperately trying to find any, all info I can on signet cell ring carcinoma with cannabis oil? I have read in some forms of cancer it can actually accelerate the cancer cells and counteract the chemo, but I do not know what is the case, help or hurt with signet ring cell. Please help anyone? 

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        Is there any one out there that knows if cannabis oil will help cure, or accelerate this particular type of cancer: Signet cell ring carcinoma? 

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