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    January 05, 2017
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      I am into my 4th week of chemo and radiation for Rectal- Anus cancer. Can ANYONE  help me with ideas to belp ease the caustic poo and anal fissures. I was prescribed proctofoam, and it is absolutely a waste of prescribed medication.  Im considering just stopping the radiation all together because i cannot handle the burn.. What has anybody used that has worked in your situation.  I'm 55 and live alone,...

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        Im new and looking for answers. The post looks years old, i hope there's still someone reading. I, tomorrow,  will start my 3rd week of radiation for rectal/anal cancer.  I am ready to stop my radiation all together and i have 4 more weeks to go. I cant handle the pain of every bowel movement!!!  Is my poo acid? Or is my anus burnt?  Dr. gave me Proctocal foam and it is useless. Can anyone PLEASE ...

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