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    hi!my mom 44 yr old got adenocarcinoma of lungs  minor stage due to plural effusion in lungs, she jst completed 3rd cycle of chemo, bt she is gettin problem of constipation so is there anyway to come out through? is there anyway surgery for lungs,like lungs transplant? n will u pls tell me use of embillica(its mine) cord,bt we have dried cord so is it usefull to transplant?

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    hi!actually my mother is suffering frm adenocarcinoma of lungs, in biopsy it get detected,in PET cityscan it wont, now her chemotherapy treatment start so quiet obivious maybe she would get side efffects so doctor said me ki there is medicine currently came in market which act on DNA n lower d effects, i jst wanted to kno is it true? or they gonna do clinical trial

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