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    Did you have any lymph nodes removed during surgery?  I had a total thyroidectomy Dec. 2017. I had this gut feeling I should not do the radioactive iodine treatment. My endo was very stern that I do it, especially since I had 6 out of 15 lymph nodes they took out were positive for cancer. Meaning there still could be more. I just have never felt good about doing it...plus the isolation thing really threw me thr...

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      I just had a total thyroidectomy in December. The cancer was contained in my thyroid but they took out 15 lympth nodes around the thyroid too, 6 of which were positive for cancer.  Since it was 6, they suggested that I get RAI treatment. At first I was like, cool yeah, let's kill the rest of this motha f'n cancer! Then my doctor started mentioning details about ovaries being affected (slim chance) and that I wo...

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        Hey,  that is pretty much what happened to me. I went in for a regular check up and my doctor noticed a lump on my neck. I had an ultrasound and it turned out to be a 3.7cm mass. The FNA biopsy was scary, but not too bad! It came out suspicious but not totally positive. The doctor said if it's benign you can just watch it until it becomes a problem. Most nodules are really slow growing and you could have the sam...

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          I'm 26 years old and was just diagnoised with Papillary. Totally awesome to hear that it's the cadillac of cancers to have, but it's inconvient none the less though it could be worse. With that said, my mom also had thyroid cancer when she was 23. She's happy and healthy now. There had been no other thyroid issues in my family before her.  She grew up in Yakima, Washington and she said the doctors think she go...

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