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    Dear Lisa, I have the same issues. Ihad my surgery in 2015 and the tightness is only getting worse. I had my surgeery over Christmas  break and developed MRSa and had to have two more surgerys the first one to remove the lift side implant and drain and clean the area then the following day I had to go back in and have the right side removed and cleaned because of the infection of MRSA, The tightness concerns me...

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    I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 16. I went through treatment but by age 24 I had to have a hysterectomy stage 4.
    I was cancer free for 32 years and had a lumpectomy right side with 5 nodes.
    Three years later I had another tumor on the same side so I had it removed, and had radiation treatments. In 2015 I was again facing cancer I had a bilateral nd developed MERSA. Now I struggle with chest tightness, shortness of breath, and heartburn at night if I don't lay a certain way. So happy to find this forman

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