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    Nikke, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer at age 60 which is going to be five years ago this August 2012.  Tarceva has worked wonderfully for me.  As suggested, get a second opinion.  Instead of getting chemo first, I took tarceva.  The oncologist says that I may need chemo some time in the future but tarceva is working for me now.  My thoughts are wi...

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      I have been diagnosed with BAC and have been taking 150 mg of tarceva for two years.  The tarceva cleared my left lung and decreased the size of the affected area in my right lung.  My worst side effects were postules along the eyelids, infection along the eyelids, and sores in my nose.  The tarceva has dried the tissue on my eyes causing major vision impairment.  Two weeks ago my on oncologist t...

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