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    Hello. I really feel your suffering regarding the fistula. I had a rectal vaginal fistula also. How horrifying, who could imagine such a thing as pooping out your vagina is even possible! Shortly after it started I had to do a bowel prep. Omg that was terrible. all occurring around my rectal cancer. After I had my rectum and lymph modes removed along with fistula repair. I opted for a permanent colostomy, as the s...

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      hello fellow travelers. I am 62 year old woman in Boston working as a psychotherapist. Good health overall. A small rectal cancer tumor was discovered in a routine colonoscopy. I was seen by two doctors as a good candidate for the "simple surgery" due size and location of the tumor. I had the Transanal resection TEM April 7. Then back in the hospital Due to an infection, which turned into a vaginal fistula (these...

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