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59, patient. Stage 4 prostrate cancer with extensive metastasis to bones, intensive bone pains, on pain killers, due for Lu 177 PSMA, radionuclide isotope Therapy in Jan, 2018. People say it is countdown once you start chemo or radio. But no option at the moment. All my alternative therapies did not work. Did 2 year fruit diet along with herbs from Dr Morse ND, a naturopath in Florida, did baking soda protocol twice, take aloe Vera, turmeric, wheat grass, and now following macrobiotic diet for the last four months. PSA is coming down, but no relief in pain. So took Eligard inj. again after missing it for a month and started Caluran tab. again, which I had stopped to do baking soda protocol.
Painkillers harm liver and kidney. But nothing works other than those. Sceptical about radio, but again no choice. Have refused Chemo.
Am young and have responsibilities. But it is difficult not to be scared.
Am interested in alternative therapies which are effective for everyone. Am tired of trying new things which finally do not work. Do not get products recommended by others in India. So have to import books and products and involve a lot of research, ordering and wait on my part.
Hence, looking for easily available products which work. Am ready to do anything which extends my life and give quality of life too. At 59, do not want to quit just yet. Any help will be God sent.

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