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Bone marrow infiltration

by Meetha - July 30 at 3:24 AM

Four years into diagnosis, now HR, PC with bone mets, the cancer has infiltrated into bone marrow. As a result I do not make my own RBC, WBC and platelets. And am on transfusions. I can not be given any other therapy like chemo or radio as that will further destroy these three cells. I am currently on 160 mg Enzulatamide daily. This has caused PSA to come down from 460 to 239 in 6 weeks. But is too mild to clear the bone marrow. And tab. Eltrombopag to help stabilise platelets. It has been three weeks, but no improvement on platelet front. Need transfusion every other day. Now it is getting difficult to find donors. Is there any hope for me? I am sick on going to hospital every other day for a day or two. Bone pains, catheter, constipation are other problems. I’ll appreciate any information on the topic. Is there any hospital that runs clinical trials for patients with bone marrow infiltrated?

PC metastasis to bone marrow

by Meetha - May 20 at 10:02 AM

I had PC with bone mets and was being treated with Lutitium 177. I was scheduled for next dose of Lu 177, when my platelet count and Hb started to fall fast. Efforts to improve include a week of Folvite and neurobione, and one injection of erythropoietin. But it did not help. My platelet count now is 50000 and Hb 6.9. Doctor has now done bone marrow biopsy. I am awaiting reports. Some one please tell me if bone mets did not include bone marrow mets too. If not, how will bone marrow met be different from bone met in term of treatment, prognosis? Is there any treatment for anaemia and falling platelet count if marrow too is infiltrated? Some one please answer? I am very anxious Thanks Meetha

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by Meetha - December 17, 2018

My PSA done two days ago showed that it has doubled from 34 to 62 in the last three months. All others tests reports were fine. . No bone pains. I wonder if a 15 days of heat therapy can cause this?Or whether my lesions are increasing? I have no pain and no other problem. The urologist has asked me to stop abirapro and tapered off the steroid as they are not helping in stopping the rise of PSA. He has called me after one month to decide what to do next. I am reverting to macrobiotic diet, which alone had helped me drop PSA earlier. Will get PSA done again after a month. One week before that, I'll stop heat therapy to nullify its effect on PSA rise. Till then fingers crossed. All the best.

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by Meetha - December 12, 2018

I admire your enthusiasm and experimentation. The heat therapy seem to be working for me too. The emerging pain in the groin and sitting bones seem to have been nipped in the bud. I soak in water over 40 degree C daily for 20 minutes. That's it. Only side effect is a brief spell of dizziness after emerging from hot tub. A rest of 10 minutes settles it. Otherwise, I have turned almost vegan since diagnosis. I am taking tomato soup too. I'm getting PSA tested tommorrow. With the just restarted pain in groin gone, I have no other symptoms, other than restricted urination. Let us see. I am looking at the new immunotherapy, which got Nobel Prize for Medicine this year, with a lot of hope. It promises to be commercialised as a cancer cure in ten years. If we hang on till then, we can to be cured, and not just manage the problem. All the best for your skull lesions. May be if you apply heat daily, the lesions vanish. Take care. Regards Meetha

RE: Advanced Prostate Cancer

by Meetha - November 28, 2018

Hello Mike How are you doing pal? How is your heat therapy and lycopene going? You are inspiring people like me. After doing fine for almost 9 months after Lu177, I am experiencing stiffness and pain in my right groin. Maybe a lesion is raising its head again. I plan to kill it with your method, using heat. I have bought a tub for soaking. I need clarification on few things: 1- You have mentioned that one needs to treat a lesion for roughly one hour at 108 degree F to kill cancer. At some places, you have said that you use 110-150 degree F for a few minutes at a time? At other places, you've mentioned hot plate for 30 breaths without a break. Now please clarify, why these different time and temperature protocols? Are they different for different type or place of lesions? 2- You have mentioned at a few places that you do heat therapy on every other day But, at other places, like hot water on skull , you repeat it many times? Please clarify this too. Please suggest which protocol out of these would be suitable for me. For local heating, I am finding a bag filled with millets and microwave heated, most appropriate as it takes the shape of circular groin joint and stays warm for at least 15 min. 3- How do you get to know the depth of lesions? 4- I get to know the location and spread of my lesions only through a PET scan. You have mentioned that the X-ray showed no lesions on skull after the heat therapy. Can a simple X-ray show that? That would be much safer with lesser radiation and can be repeated more frequently unlike PET, which can't be before 6 months. I wonder why doesn't my doctor do that instead of a PET. I would appreciate your answers. Thanks a lot Kind regards Meetha.


by Meetha - October 17, 2018

Can someone throw light on the relevance of new immunotherapy, which won Nobel Prize for medicine this year, as a treatment for prostrate cancer? Has someone experienced it during trials, and can share its usefulness as a treatment for met prostrate cancer? Thanks
Hi Charlie Just wanted to share that Lutetium 177- PSMA radionuclide therapy brought me back from the near end stage to completely active state. Alternative treatments might be supporting it. But they were not working before Lu-177. I had mets all over spine, was on a regular 6 hourly pain killer regimen for three months till 2 months after this therapy. It takes 1-2 months to show results. All the best
Hello Ray After learning from your experience, I have bought apricot kernels as well as encapsulated Vitamin C. Kindly share how you have been taking it. What dose would you recommend? My latest scan showed that the primary lesion has reduced considerable. But the secondary lesions on bones are increasing. New ones have been found on the skull, which weren't there in last scan done a year ago. You have said that apricot pits and Vitamin C are esp effective against secondary lesions. So I want to give it a try. My encapsulated Vitamin C , named LypriCel, is in sachet form, having 5.7 ml of Liposomal Vitamin C; each containing 1000mg Vit. C and 1000 mg essential phospholipids. Hope this fits the requirement. Also please share the link of the source from where you learnt about this therapy. Thanks and warm regards Meetha.
Hello Mike I plan to destroy my lesions through heat. Pl. compare the following methods. 1- your method of applying heat locally through a heated dumbbell. Or do you use a weight plate, which is flat and easier to lie on? Can we do it using a hot stone also? 2- By lying in a tub full of hot water? 3- Trough sauna 4- through a steam bath 5- hot wet towels 6- through heat pads filled with millets or any other round seeds and warmed in a microwave oven. These take shape of the body. 7- electric heat pads Thanks. Meetha.
Hello Mike I got my PET Scan reports, which shows that the disease has progressed. Despite tomato soups, and IP6 and Zytiga and Lu 177! It shows some legions on skull. You have mentioned that you removed yours by running hot water over it during shower. How exactly did you do that? Doesn't it rundown on your face scalding it? Do skull lesions mean that brain met is next?
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About Meetha

59, patient. Stage 4 prostrate cancer with extensive metastasis to bones, intensive bone pains, on pain killers, due for Lu 177 PSMA, radionuclide isotope Therapy in Jan, 2018. People say it is countdown once you start chemo or radio. But no option at the moment. All my alternative therapies did not work. Did 2 year fruit diet along with herbs from Dr Morse ND, a naturopath in Florida, did baking soda protocol twice, take aloe Vera, turmeric, wheat grass, and now following macrobiotic diet for the last four months. PSA is coming down, but no relief in pain. So took Eligard inj. again after missing it for a month and started Caluran tab. again, which I had stopped to do baking soda protocol.
Painkillers harm liver and kidney. But nothing works other than those. Sceptical about radio, but again no choice. Have refused Chemo.
Am young and have responsibilities. But it is difficult not to be scared.
Am interested in alternative therapies which are effective for everyone. Am tired of trying new things which finally do not work. Do not get products recommended by others in India. So have to import books and products and involve a lot of research, ordering and wait on my part.
Hence, looking for easily available products which work. Am ready to do anything which extends my life and give quality of life too. At 59, do not want to quit just yet. Any help will be God sent.

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