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    I have metastatic rectal cancer.  I have been on both drugs.  I didn't think either were to bad.  I have been on both twice.  I have been on chemo for 3 years.  I have never stayed away from people except hospitals.  I an 49.  None of us can tell her what to do but I would suggest asking about Neulesta for her immunity if she goes with the chemo and research the meds and her cancer....

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      I have stage IV rectal cancer.  I am currently taking erbitux.   I have the usual rashes but I also have a red rash between my butt cheeks.  Am I the only one?

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        I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2015.  I have been in treatment every since.  Don't let that worry you.  Many people do well after treatment.   I am also a patient advocate.   The best advice I can give is to try to be patient although I am not.   I personally started doing research on my cancer.  Now some people just don't want to know it all and that's oka...

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          I have an illeostomy.   I do have diarrhea often.  Anti diarrhea meds work well.  Also you may want to try more fiber.  It will thicken things up.  I have hand my ostomy for three years.  Mel

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