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    Hi I am new to this site and I am just sending my support in your situation, I know you are dealing with an emotional rollercoaster of feelings, depression, crying, not knowing where to turn and friends do not know what to say at times. Just know you are not alone in your feelings. My Mom recently had a large bladder mass removed. At first they said she had a UTI, got meds for that, blood in urine continued and they ...

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        My Mom was recently diagnosed with Bladder Cancer, she just had surgery to remove the mass on 4/3, she is weak and recoverying. I am her only child and I am devastated to see her in frail condition. She has always been very healthy but just got hit with this illness and it is wiping her out.I have not told Mom she has cancer just that she had a tumor removed. She is my super hero. Too long to explain but my Mom and I are very close, she is my best friend. I am her full time caregiver. I have been praying for strength but this has been emotionally draining and affected my marriage. I found this site from a friends' recommendation hoping to learn and understand what comes my way and be Mom's strength as she goes thru her illness.

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