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    I believe the above was directed to me. I'm female and it is my left ear. It's been red and flaky on and off for years. I've been to three dermatologists and two ENTs, all with different theories about what's going on. I want answers, not guesses.  I agreed to try the Fluorouracil to prove or disprove the most recent theory. It's chemotherapy that damages healthy skin cells while destroying cancerous cells. Th...

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      Brand new here and couldn't find anything about my particular issue with fluorouracil.  The only area I'm applying the cream is to my left ear. Has anyone else used it on this part of your anatomy?  Also, how soon should my skin begin to react if there is in fact pre-cancerous cells?  This thread has been going a long time and looks like it's helping a lot of people. Thank you for being willing to s...

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