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    Dear JamesM, how are you? You seemed to be so anxious that it seems that you might have forgotton to take care of yourself. Its a terrible thing that your niece got diagnosed at such young age and my heart goes out to you and the young girl. I understand how hard it must be for you to inform your mother about the same now, that she is having an open heart surgery but how would you think she will feel when she sees h...

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      dear, biopsy result to be false negative is a rare occurence, and its a great relief that the biopsy result was negative. non healing of your ulcer coud be because other reasons as well and nit just cancer. the other common reasons to have ulcer are: Diabetic ulcers Venous-related ulcerations Non-healing surgical wounds Pressure ulcers Wounds related to metabolic disease Wounds that repeatedly break down i...

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