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    Hi, Kamerin, I was treated here in Cincinnati, OH similarly to what you have described (surgeon did not want to acknowledge the amount of pain she'd caused).   My surgery for invasive breast cancer (Early Stage II) with a 2.2 cm. tumor was on 3/28/01.  I'll never forget that date.  I thought I was in line with a so-called "Expert Breast Cancer Surgeon" and in good hands.  I had to wait 5 1/2...

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      It sounds as if sidepockets is worrying about dying sooner than his grandmother. Dare we guess that his sidepocket is stuffed with addictive cigarettes he is not willing to give up!  And we wonder why the health care crisis continues to loom ... At least Grandma must have led a fruitful life if she reached the ripe age of 95! Also, Grandma, too, has to be admired for reaching it that far indeed....

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