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In answer to your question, I have had multiple MRI's done and due to

claustrophia I cannot have them without being put to sleep.  It is just

like you are having surgery, you sleep and they wake you when it is

over, that simple.


Good luck with your procedure.

You did not state what type cancer you have (location) and that

could make a difference.  I had nasal cancer and had 38 radiation

treatments to my face.  I had very dry mouth, lost taste buds and

saliva glands, I had to drink a lot of water to keep my body hydrated.

I did not lose my energy level, even though I was also receiving Chemo.

I think the location and the physical health condition of each person

regulates the way radiation/chemo effects them.  I worked every day

and only missed work for doctor visits or my treatments.


Good Luck with yours.

A Friend in Texas

I have recently been diagnosed with Sinonasal Carcinoma, and they told me I would more than likely have to have radiation and chemo treatments.

I cannot imagine how they do the radiation to the facial area and not some how effect the eyes.  This is very scary to me and I am really curious.  I have read articles on this but none really tell me how it will effect me.  I have had radiation before, breast cancer 24 years ago, but this is a totally new ball game for me.  Like I said, I would really like to hear from someone that has had any kind of treatment for nasal cancer.


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