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    I am three years out from stage 1b breast cancer (small cancer in right breast and 1 lymph node). I noted a lump on left breast. Follow up ultrasounds and mammograms revealed a complex cyst in left breast. Radiologist said it was stable, but my oncologist was not satisfied with that. My breast surgeon scheduled an MRI. Has anyone had what appeared to be a complex cyst, and found out it was cancer?

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      I am sorry. My urologist told me that I most the spot on my kidney was most likely cancer, but that they wouldn’t know for certain until they removed it. My right kidney was removed 13 years ago. Stage 1 renal cell carcinoma. I have been blessed with all these years since. No recurrence of RCC! With the exception on stage 1 breast cancer three years ago. It is my understanding that early detection with RCC gi...

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        Has anyone had experience with fat necrosis? I had a lumpectomy over a year ago, and completed radiation treatments a year ago. I have had several lumps appear In close proximity to the incision. My breast surgeon said they are fat necrosis. In one case, she ultrasounds the area. With a new lump, she told me she is "positive" it is fat necrosis, but didn't do any ultrasound or biopsy. I am going for a second op...

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          this blog has given me much food for thought. I have been on Anastrazole for only 3 1/2 months. My biggest challenges are bone pain, and cramping, which are significantly more challenging at night; and sleeplessness. I also have a low libido and vaginal dryness. Being post menopausal, I had previously had trouble with dryness and lack of sex drive. Now it's much worse. But the bone pain worries me most. I have...

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