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Lung Cancer - Adenocarcinoma, Lung Cancer - Non-Small Cell
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I am a 5 year survivor. I was diagnosed with stage 3b non small cell adenocarcinoma in January 2008. A tumor in my upper right lobe was found when I requested a chest xray during a routine physical. It was found to have spread to several lymph nodes and I was deemed to not be a candidate for surgery. After treatment with 6 weeks of chemo and radiation I became a candidate for surgery and my upper right lobe and several lymph nodes were removed. They thought they got it all but 2 years later some lymph nodes in my neck showed up in a PET scan (missed by CAT scans btw). So 6 weeks of radiation and then Tarceva. 3 years have passed and I am pretty healthy. I stuggle with some of the side effects of Tarceva but am very grateful that this medication exists and that I have decent medical insurance to pay for it.

All things considered, I am a very, very lucky woman.

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