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    Thank you- I will definitely study that link ASAP. I am 46 years old, in good health otherwise, and mine was a low grade tumor, the surgeon removed 90 percent of it

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      I am about a month out from having surgery. They were able to remove 90%. Because of the deletions I had assumed we would start pcv chemo, but my neuro wants to wait until we see growth on the mri. I have consults with the radiation oncologist and medical oncologists in the next week or two. Curious if anyone can offer their two cents of things to think about or questions to ask,etc? Thank you!

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        I agree, a sense of humor is a must! :)

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          Hello-I was diagnosed in March of 2018, so I am just starting on my journey with this. I had surgery a month ago- he thinks he removed 90% of the tumor-my left arm and leg didn’t work after surgery so I spent the next 3 weeks in rehab and it came back and I am pretty much back to normal physically. I had a 6cm oligodendroma, grade 2-in the motor are of my right brain. I have the 2 deletions, which makes me want to tr...

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