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I had an esphogectomy April 9th, 2015 for stage one B cancer, then had 3 months of chemo, cancer was totally gone and had high hopes I was on the right path. Well, it has come back in 6 different spots and is now in my bones. I have been told there is no cure but they can treat it. Anyone else have this happen to you? Wondering how long I have to live since no one else will tell me.
I can now consider myself a cancer survivor since my operation and the worst is behind me. The biopsy came back with everything being great and it was all gotten out. What I have learned about having cancer: 1) When I heard someone had cancer my first thought was oh my god how bad and are they going to die. When you hear YOU have cancer your first thought is oh my god I'm gonna die. 2) Once the shock of having cancer wore off the fear of dying did not. 3) Everyone was amazing the way they cared and tried to comfort, all in their own ways. BUT none of that matters if you fail to calm yourself down, SO don't overthink things or worry about what has not happened. Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute thinking is best. 4) Learned I can be stronger than I ever thought I could be, and sometimes faked being strong for my wife and my family. 5) While bad things happen there is always a life lesson to be learned and goodness that can come out of it. 6) Life is short and should be lived as if every day is your last. 7) If you think things are bad now, throw yourself a pity party and see how bad they can really be. 8) No matter how bad I had it there is always going to be A LOT of people who has it worse, so feeling for them helps take some of the weight off your own shoulders. 9) While you are not gonna get out of this life alive prolonging it as long as possible is worth it, so if your aliment gets worse go see a doctor…NOW!!! 10) Be thankful for what God has given you and for the things he has not. God is great! God bless the struggle you are going through. My totally fight was 7 1/2 months with the surgery and 51/2 months of chemo.

On May 03, 2015 12:16 PM lisasteve wrote:

Good Morning:

My wife had an Esophectomy on 3/12/15.  Within two weeks she was started on soft foods and now is eating many of the things that she had enjoyed prior to the surgery.  She is eating very small portions and is avoiding acid based foods, spicy foods, and food that may cause gas. Foods that she seems to tolerate well:

Broth with noodles

Cod fish


Rice Krispees / Cheerios

Pasta with just a hint of sauce (new food for her but prior to the surgery a basic)

Eggs (almost any style)


Cheeses / crackers


She is avoiding

Beef (so far that just seems harder to digest then chicken)

Tomato sauce (just enough to coat the pasta)

Gasous vegetables

Pizza (booooooooooooo)

Her biggest challenge has been the acid/foam during the evening and into the morning.  She is sleeping in her bed with a wedge under her head to keep her raised a bit.  She has switched back to OTC Priolosec that seems to work the best to control the acid.

She is very fatigued at times and still moves a bit slow.  She is however going up and down the home stairs (13 of them) and taking walks.  

I shall try to keep you posted if we find new foods but so far she is eating more of a selection than we anticipated.

Good luck and hopes that your recovery continues. 

It has been almost 5 weeks since my Espohectomy and I can now eat whatever I want, but of course about 1/3rd of what I used to eat. Am having to rediscover what agrees and does not agree with me. Example: found out green peppers did not agree and caused major discomfort. But now I am being told by two separate Onocologists that they want me to get chemo and radiation, just to make sure. This has shocked me since my surgeon said everything was gotten out and it shouldn't be necessary (SIGH). Thought the saga was over but not yet.

On Apr 08, 2015 4:54 PM mommac wrote:

Could I ask how you found it? My husband is also stage 2B found in 2012, Radiation CVhemo, Surgery and chemo again at 2 1/2 years NED. Have been noticing some changes, next scan in May.

I just had surgery for stage 2B esphogas cancer 17 days ago, but did not get chemo before the operation since they thought it was barely a 2 before the operation and did not know it was a 2B till after. Is your husband doing okay after today? How soon after his surgery was he able to eat solid foods? Did they give him any idea on if it would re-occur?

Esophectomy recovery

by Rexyracer - April 26, 2015

Was reading some of the stories of other people's recovery from having their esphogas removed due to surgery and was amazed at how many were having issues. I had stage 2B (had an irregular shape), so mine was caught real early. My surgery was 17 days ago and I feel great, have not had any issues with the lower intestinal feelings and have been able to eat a liquid diet. What I have been able to eat is naturally smaller portions, which took some getting used to. I feel like I can escalate my diet to soft food such as eggs and noodles, but wonder if this might hurt my recovery. Anybody have any input?
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