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    My partner was diagnosed with PC in June 2018 - discovered as a result of gall bladder surgery. He developed a major infection from a leaking bile duct and was in MICU for 8 days - wbc was over 40,000. Docs determined surgical intervention was necessary and decided to perform whipple at the same time (July 9). Things went well and he was home a month later (3 weeks in rehab). Pet Scan in September came back clean...

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      Joy, thank you for your response. We have not seen the oncologist since the recent labs (only 3 days ago- I got the lab results from the patient portal). I am going to give him a few days to see if he calls. If he doesn’t, I will try to convince my partner that we need to not wait until his next scheduled appointment in February.

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        Stan, thank you for your response. That is pretty much what I was thinking. A Dr friend suggested we look into immunotherapy and be loaded for bear when we go to the next oncologist appointment.

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          My partner had whipple 7/9/18. Of 20+ lymph nodes removed, 6 were positive (6 closest). No chemo or radiation. CA19-9 has steadily gone up, but PET and CTs have been clean. First CA19-9 post op was 288. A few weeks later it was 437, two months after that (most recent) it was 668. I’m not sure how to react to the differing results. Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Obviously we are relatively new to all...

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