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    I read somewhere that a combination of Efudex and Dovonex was a more effective, quicker and a lot less aggressive treatment for keratoses than Efudex on its own. Has anybody experienced this combination treatment? and if so could they please give us their thoughts> Thanks, Robin

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      Hi CandyTex, Thankyou so much for the update. It certainly sounds as if the combination treatment is less agonising! Good luck with the results. Please do keep us updated again. I will certainly be talking to my Dr about trying it next time I need treatment. Picaro is just a 3 day treatment but is also very aggressive. Best regards, Robin

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        Hi CandyTex, Please can you update us on your experience/progress with the combination treatment. There is so little information by anyone who has actually tried it. It would be great to find something less painful & agressive than Efudex on its own.  I have also used Picato® (ingenol mebutate) but that is also very agressive but at least it is for a shorter time. Best regards, Robin

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