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Snflwrc, you have made 4 comments and all related only with this post. You still did not answer to who are "they" who are doing the budwig research. I guess you have no idea and this is why you have not answered to that. Let's establish some things:

1. You are NOT a doctor so I am not even sure how come that you are prescribing things to cancer sufferers. You have no idea aboout their set of circumstances and you are probably puting them on a path to death with your recommandations.

2.You believed that following this diet helped build your immune system to fight the cancer. Well Marginal Zone Lymphoma (MZL) is a cancer of the immune system itself so you cannot built it to fight against its own cells. Does not work in that way. B cells are produced in the bone marrow and there will be a combinations of normal B cells and transfomed B cells. They dye when they dye. Rituxan is basically distroying the adult Bcells but not the young ones and as such the new ones will grow and the damaged ones will die. In time after a few sessions (at least 4 as far as I know) things will be reassesed. You might find that there are no cancer B cells anymore and that the patient will have a period of remission until some other event happens either a few years later or many, many years later. (10-20-30years)

3. If I can comment very well on a type of cancer this is the one you say you have. Why? Because I have the same type - Stage 4 Marginal Zone Lymphoma. I really suggest that you are changing doctors because everything you have said so far sounds really, really wrong. To start with - if your tumors are indeed in the lungs that will be an extranodal MZL as there are no lymph nodes in the lung. Secondly - there is no fluid accumulation around the lungs, that does not exist. It will be in the lung within the pleural space. Thirdly - your comment that Marginal Zone Lymphoma is a rare cancer that does not respond well to treatment - what a nonsense. This cancer is categorized as indolent and is one of the only few around who respond to treatment very, very well.. In fact is a perfectly manageable condition which is not ususally treated untill is needed. Many of the sufferes will be on a Wait and watch approach. Bendamustine is NEVER, given by itself but only as a secondary to Rituximab. Usually Rituximab is given as single agent or combined with Bendamustine or Clorambucil. Local radiation is highly efficient for the big tumors. As for the bone marrow transplant to cure this type of cancer - that info is wrong as well. Although this type of cancer is considered incurable it is also considered higly manageable. People are alive for more that 20-30 years doing nothing or doing some maintenace tretment. Many of them are a stage 4 but that does not mean much when non hodgkins lymphoma. Bone marrow transplant is done only when a non hodgkins lymphoma is aggresive and only after other types of treatmtent have shown no progress. This is hardly ever the case with the marginal zone lymphoma. Yes, it can transform and in that case chances are it will react very well to chemo whith a very high chence to be cured for good.

RCVP or R-CHOP is usually given to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients and not to the indolent Marginal Zone Lymphoma. This is standard approach in many, many countries. Although you have said you had a second opinion, it is clear that you did not pick right your doctors.

Also Rituximab does not fit the chemo clasification but rather imunotheraphic.

How do I know all this? For starter because I studied my disease very, very well. Secondly becasue I also joined a group on yahoo nhl-malt with only Marginal Zone Lymphoma sufferers. 400 of them, all alive for may years, and quite a few with lung manifestation like yours. There is a list there with all of us and the different type of tumor location and also the type of tretament each one followed. NONE of them relied on cottage cheese and probably all of them will laugh to this nonsense. I really think you will benefit by contacting them as you can learn from some of them what doctors they see. Some of them see lymphoma specialists who are ranked number 1-2-3 in US.

I was still somehow hoping that you might produce some valid research to Budwig diet but I guess you can't. Till then it is clear that you have no idea how anyone with an agressive cancer can react to it. With your indolent cancer which by the way has ups and downs by itself, you had the liberty to play around but other people do not have this luxury and as you have seen in previous posts on this thread, many had increases in their tumors same as I did. Luckily I have come to my senses. Again, the so called Budwig diet did not work either on the autoimune disease I had nor on the viral infection I had. But luckily the mainstream drugs did. By treating the viral infection with imunoteraphic drugs I will more than likely have the lymphoma going in remission for good. This is a fact, demostrated by scientific studies and not by quack claims. And as such I am also surprised by that comment of yours saying that the patients with this type of cancer survive only 5-10 years. Go to the group I have mentioned nhl-malt and you will have a chance to speak with people being on tx for more than 20 years and thriving. None of them is dead although some of them might struggle at times.

Again, it is very wrong to recommend something you have no idea how will someone's disease and to even justify it. There is absolutely NO proof that offers any benefit. Even Budwig herself did not continue her studies in the era where more advanced technologies existed to proof her point. That definitely counts for something and I guess is because even she realized that in fact is not working

On Jul 15, 2013 10:41 PM livewell wrote:

I agree with snflwrc, there's no need to say that a diet is a total scam, just because it didn't work for several people.  I know the budwig diet claims 90% success rate, and while I don't believe that at all, I definitely believe it has worked for a good amount of people.  Now, nobody made a guarantee that it would work, just like chemo!  But as they say, leave no stone unturned!  There may be something out there that works, everyone is different!  And no, I'm not some quackjob sent by the yahoo group to defend the diet.  We're all here looking for information and SUPPORT, let's not forget that.  We should be here for each other, and if we don't agree on something, there's no reason we can't be civil.

Hi livewell, thank you for your comment. At least you have a profile and some activity. If you look at snflwrc and andyguy plus another profile who posted earlier on this thread you will notie that they have no activity and use the same language which to me indicates that is the same person trying to direct people to her group

From there we know what happens: myself and others received a personal message to let us know of the existence of a website, Once you aer there you are prompted to part with your money.

Regarding your comment that budwig claims a 90% success rate, could you please point me to the study showing how that was calculated? I personally have not been surveyed, nor I have been part of a trial. It is easy to use language and generalization prying on people's fears. What is worst is that in fact many of the cancers today can indeed be cure with drugs. In some cases the success rate is 100%. In other cases the results are poor

On an analysis, the most often mentioned "cancer diets" areBudwigdiet, Gerson's regimen, lowcarb diet, cancer cure of Breuß and macrobiotic diet. These diets can be classified according to the principle idea of carcinogenesis as follows: cancer as a lack or abundance of a substance or as a consequence of pathological metabolism of cancer cells. Staying in line with a specific diet the patients are thought to be able to cure themselves or at least substantially contribute to cure. However, no scientific publication of a clinical study which describes positive results regarding survival could be found. On the contrary, data show malnutrition and side effects.

Regarding Johanna Budwig, she lived untill 2003 and she teached up to 1990s. Her initial studies were done in 1953 yet she did not make any attempt later to continue testing her theory with the more modern methods available in 1990s. As such the 90% rate cannot be claimed, in fact no %rate can be claimed.

I have done my homework thouroughly and I have also tried the diet myself. It does not work and I am happy I came to my senses as it would have made me loose my life. Yes, it is dangerous.You have also seen in the thread other reaction peopl had and they were not good

I would say the culprit is the cottage cheese, the fat in dairy has been proved to also be a factor in cancer relapses (eg- breast cancer). Here is the reference to that: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23492346

Flex seed oil on the other hand is good and I will have it as part of cancer diet. But certainly not in combination with cheese. I would put some hopes on  beta-glucans, salvestrol,  and proper supplimenation with an organic live diet. I would also do my research regarding the type of cancer. In these days the new approach used in latest trials is to do a genetic test and see which of the therapies are going to give results rather than treating blindly. More and more imunotherapies are used and not chemo.

This will certainly increase someone's chances for survival.

In my case, I refused chemo, yet I chose to treat a viral infection I dicovered was the reason for the cancer (and no, budwig diet did not help with that either). I was able to cross reference databases, follow up on the latest treatments and results and prove my theory. That has been supported by the subsequent tests.

Yes, leave no stone unturned. But make it in a way which supports life and which is not a death sentence. I cannot support people by lying that it works as it is not. I can support people by sharing what I learned and helping them in their research if they need, I can help people getting clarity from all this claims around them as once you start to break them down you realise how unfounded those claims are. I hope that makes it clear on where I stand. I will not put up with quacks and low lifes trying to make money on other people's pain

O woaw snflwrc, what good timing you have. So again, you have joined this site to make only 2 comments, twice, once in December and one now, both of them following one of my posts. Very bizzare, could you please explain this? There is no other activity on your account. You have not posted anything about your disease, what type of chemo you have tried and what is exactely that it did not work with that.

You only mentioned a very general stage 4 NHL. Which one exactely? GIve us more details please. What was the name of the drug you have taken for 7 months? ( you know, the one you said it did not work)

Same for Andy, he just joined the forum and he jumped straight into commenting about my post (which makes me bet that was specifically targeted).

You are mentioning:

"They continue to do research to help us find healing.  As research shows new info. they adjust their program responsibly. As far as promoting Budwig to make money...that's ridiculous.  You can follow the diet and all their guides for FREE. They publicly put out FREE info to help us all."

Who is THEY? What is the so called research you are mentioning that "they" continue? Why don't you just post links to that reasearch if it so valid? Who is "they" that are adjusting the program "responsably" ?

I spoke with numerous people and not even one had results from the so called diet, in fact as you can see on the thread there are quite a few for which the cheese agravated the issue.

As for you and Andy mentioning in the past the yahoo group for budwig? Yea, people are targeted there by receiving messages directing them to a website which belongs to the owner of the group where for a fee one can have access to some videos on how to cook basically. For the sake of the disclosure let's mention that the woman owning the site does not suffer of cancer, She took over ( bought) the database from the previous owners and she is trying to convince more people to join.

There are reviews out there of the budwig diet done from crosreferencing studies and not even one showed improvements in cancer patients.

And let's say that it did not work in my case for the cancer. But also the "diet" pretends that is working for many other disease as well. Well, it did not work for an autoimmune issue I had, it did not work for a viral infection I had and so on. Not even for one thing.  Let's not pretend something different.

it's understandable that when one has cancer we tend to grasp at anything and of course there are low life's lurking around to take advantage of people. A fool and their money are soon parted. And what is worst: precious time is being taken from the patient when they could try the medical proven approach or even something else with a little bit more proven basis

So Andy (or whatever your name is) let me make this clear: you joyned this forum and the first post you had was to try and trash me and promote your little lie? Or shold I say your yahoo group and from there your webiste trying to make money on back of the sufference of other. Stop creating profiles to promote your business and try shutting up people like us with real testimonials. This thing is not working

Of course you did not miss the opportunity to mention that group, we know exactely what is happening: once you join the group one will receive an email from the lady running it directing to her website. oh well...

I think that what you do is bordering criminal, this is killing people.

You just make the assumption that when we have tried this so called "diet" we did not use organic cheese. All my symptoms were worst, lymph nodes were harder and grew up. It was evident that this was detrimental. And so it is for many other people. I am yet to find anyone I know who tried it and for who this thing worked. But hey, some people are in fact making money out of selling a membership to a site showing how to use a mixer to put together some cheese and some oil. Wooaw, those 20 bux are worth a human life?

Also the so called budwig diet also claims that "heals" many other diseases. Guess what - that did not happened either - it did not heal the cancer, it did not heal the autoimmune disease and it did not heal a viral infection either.  Lies, lies and more lies... or is not truth that budwig diet alo claims healing of other diesases. You want proof? I can sho proof that is not working. How about you showing that it worked for your autoimmune disease? Or for cancer?

Reaction of the cheese with the oil? What a joke that is

Yes, it is ok to try something which is working but this budwig diet is not one of them.

Is this your excuse? That this thing can be promoted to sick or dying people as is beetr than doing nothing???? Really? Lots of things can be done, but the cheese is simply more than likely shortening someone's life. I for one I am alive as I gave up on that so called diet and chose the right approach

Hi Rumanikanta

Unfortunately, Budwig diet will only agravate your mother's condition. I have tried it myself only to hava an increase in the size of lymhnodes and also not feeling very good

This so called diet is not healing cancer

On Feb 11, 2013 2:40 p.m. anubhav wrote:

On Jan 26, 2013 9:09 AM ozzieme wrote:

On Jan 19, 2013 3:00 AM francene wrote:

Hi!    I am interested to know how your mother is doing on the Trican. We live in Western Australia and were trying desperately to get hold of some trican. I dont know where you are but if you have any information can you let me know.

Many thanks Fran

Hi Fran I am just wondering what sort of cancer you want to use Trican for?

Also Trican is the same product as cellect

hello , I am looking for a cure for my mother who has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I had tried BUDWIG centre , and have been searching online for testimonials. this is the only place fro where I got two accounts of persons who claim they didn't benefit from FOCC diet leave alone trican. after a lot of coaxing my mother has started FOCC combo and I wanted her to graduate onto Trican as well. I have second thoughts now. if FOCC doesn't help it's ok but if it gets the cancer worse then a lot of people I can say are on a blind path eating FOCC. so can some body say that it will help/ not help?? is trican good for treating cancer?? has it been tested and approved for consumption ?? help out guys.....


Sorry that I have to say that but FOCC does not help. I have tried it myself for stage 4 lymphoma and actually went worts. Some lymph nodes on my neck became bigger and harder. A pile of cheese cannot do any good really. Dairy is well known to stimulate a bad response really and promote inflamation

As for Trican (or cellect) I cannot really comment as I did not try it. I decided that is a waste of money as is nothing more than a multivitamin. No, it has not been tested. Approved for consumption? Well is a supplement so is not dangerous. Approved for treatment? No, no way. Is it treating cancer? No, absolutely not

I personally tried Salvestrols, I only had is for 3 months so I do not have an opinion yet, howeve I spoke with other people taking it here in my city and one lady had good results with the breast cancer and another person had his pancreatic cancer cleared. Again, is a supplement hence not tested for treating, but at least I saw results where with FOCC , no, I cannot say that I know any example.


The same happen for me, the moment I stop the pile of cheese, the tumor started to shrink. Dairy cannot be good, when I see this people trying to promote their personal agenda I get pretty upset. Their greed endanger lives

I hope your husband is better now once he stopped Budwig diet. I certainly felt better once I stopped it.

On Dec 10, 2012 1:14 a.m. Beanly wrote:

Hi Roxana,

As it happens, I came here because someone at FSO2 posted a message asking about Trican, and I had forgotten why people there say it is not Budwig-compliant.

I realize I am now replying to a message you wrote for someone else, but because you wrote about the Budwig Center site, I can't help asking if it was THEIR Budwig Protocol that you followed and that didn't help you, or was it the Budwig Protocol discussed at FSO2, because if it was, then you were not following the real thing.

That said, I am awfully sorry to hear that you got worse. There is no cancer treatment--Budwig, or any other--guaranteed to cure all cancers, and my husband and I know from experience how scary it is trying to decide which to follow. I hope you will be successful in your fight.

There! That makes two posts for me, and I originally came here for info, NOT to promote Budwig. But it does work for some people, and I couldn't let misinformation about it stand.

So Beanly, let me see if I understand correctly: you have an innactive account on this forum, yet you have seen my previous post. Although my last post did not mention any woman promoting her site you have decided to refer to her. And even though my previous post does not refer to any comparison between 2 Budwig sites you decided that I probably refered to that so you made a comment about it.

Maybe I was not clear the first time. I believe that promoting the so called Budwig diet and hunting people with false promises just to make a few bucks is frankly bordering criminal

I have been repeatedly contacted by different one posters like the one I had responded in my previous message trying to convince me that  woman gives "free info" and that she is doing that for no benefit. Let's be serious, that is a huge database who had 2 previous owners. When I see people who actively sneaks on other forums creating several accounts to try to direct people on some specific sites it makes me wonder!!!

Now let's clear this issue with the BUDWIG diet. I have read the books and I have grown with sauerkraut etc. IF they will be working against cancer than entire countries will have no cases of cancer.

I would like you to post the test results showing that your husband cancer is in remission. Or, hell, post anything showing that he improved. I am tired and disgusted by word of mouth testimonies, or he heard from a friend of a friend... Excuse me but I need some solid proof not just some claims and bed night stories. These claims are nothing better and in fact even worst than the claims some drug companies are making. At least they have some data to back it up. As far as I know, the only study done regarding Budwig diet did not show any remissions.

I am not the only one for which the so called Budwig cure did not work, I do know of other lymphoma cases and it did not work in any of those cases. How could it possibly work?

In same way, it does not cure viral infections either (as that was another claim I read about it). Id does not cure hep B, hep C, HIV or anything else... Please stop promoting this Budwig diet as a cancer treatment. The word treatement cannot be used in this situation because it is not treating anything. You cannot continue to missinform people in this way!!!

On Dec 09, 2012 7:56 AM snflwrc wrote:

I have been taking the Budwig's distance program C for   Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I first did chemo for 7 months to only get little improvement. My doctor and I even agreed to not do the last treatment since it wasn't working well enough..the most a tumor shrank was 1cm in the total of 7 months and the fluid around my lungs never decreased.  I stopped chemo and started the Budwig program right away.  Three weeks later I had a cat scan.  And the results were amazing! For the first time since my diagnosis the fluid around my lungs decreased and my largest tumor shrank from 6cm to 3.5 cm..almost in half! Once I started the program..and followed the diet and recommendations on the Budwig guide...excercising on a trampoline with breathing excercises..changing water filters..etc..I had so much more energy. I follow the program for the most part..sometimes I cheat on the diet a little but not too much or too often. I am continuing the program and pray to God this program gets rid of this cancer!

I am finding it always bizzare when someone has only one post and this is to promote the so called Budwig diet in a post which is actually about TRICAN. It almost seem like trying to promote a certain program. I can vouch that BUDWIG diet does not work in fact in lymphoma cases it can worsten the situation. ALl my lymph nodes hardended up from all that cottage cheese so for sure it cannot be healthy. I will like you to post your scans and your diagnoses showing what you claim but I bet this will be your only post.

I am finding it always bizzare when someone has only one post and this is to promote the so called Budwig diet in a post which is actually about TRICAN. It almost seem like trying to promote a certain program. I can vouch that BUDWIG diet does not work in fact in lymphoma cases it can worsten the situation. ALl my lymph nodes hardended up from all that cottage cheese so for sure it cannot be healthy. I will like you to post your scans and your diagnoses showing what you claim but I bet this will be your only post.

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