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    I have been reading a lot about how aa3s idh1 mutant with gross total resection have favorable prognosis. What about subtotal resection? My fiancé had 70% removal of an aa3 idh1 mutant and will start radiation and chemo in July. I was too nervous to ask the surgeon about it at the time, but I guess I should have because now I'm driving myself crazy researching. Any information or personal experiences would be apprec...

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      Hi Buster. Thanks for your reply. I'm so sorry for your news. I'll be adding you to my prayers! I'm still new to all of this craziness and am still trying to learn all that I can... are there any clinical trials available near you that you could be eligible for? I really hope so. I'm rooting for you!

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        Hi Walker01, I know this is an older post, but I figured I’d give this a shot. I am also very new to all of this. My fiancé was diagnosed with anaplastic Astrocytoma, as well. 70% of the tumor was resected on May 30th. It was located in the left frontal lobe and the 30% that the doctor decided to leave was in the motor cortex. Right after surgery, my fiancé could not move the right side of his body and could only ...

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          Hello everybody. My fiance’s Journey technically started last summer, when he was hospitalized for (starting on July 9th) for 36 days for acute severe pancreatitis. He was in a coma for most of his stay, and during his coma they felt compelled to do an MRI. That’s when they found a mass. They said it was probably nothing, but should be followed up on anyway. They’re reason for not being too concerned at the time w...

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