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    Deputy, My case was somewhat similar.  Eight years ago I had one enlarged, painless, lymph node.  Had a CT and after that my primary doctor sent me to an ENT/neck surgeon who did a fine needle aspiration biopsy of it.  That turned out to be inconclusive (I don't hear that much at all on these forums), so I had a modified radical neck dissection, which involved removing all 20+ lymph nodes on that side...

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      Deputy, Did you have radiation only or surgery too?   I had a modified radical neck dissection first because I didn't have a firm diagnosis.  That surgery provided it--SCC, stage II, non HPV related, no primary found, only in one lymph node.  Then radiation followed. But I wanted to tell you that my neck dissection was a piece of cake.  I never even needed pain meds.  I had some minor...

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          Could it be a sign that cancer is somehow related to autoimmune disease?  Sometimes these go into "remission" after a cancer diagnosis.  Maybe dementia too? Cancer might give the immune system something to do, although cancer treatment can give said system quite a beating.  I have been healthier overall since being diagnosed, treated, and cured of H&N cancer.

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            Jennie, Chemo does not cure this cancer, but it can aid radiation by helping to shrink tumors.  No one is treated with chemo alone, but some get only radiation, or radiation after surgery, as I did.  (And some have all three, while others get surgery only.) Is his cancer HPV positive?  If so, he has a better chance of cure than if it's caused by tobacco use and drinking. Doctors have fairly recently ...

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              That's really too bad, as we are all here to help and get help.  I've noticed that in the last year or so many of my posts go to a moderator first, but usually they end up posted.  I suspect that it's due to flaws in the site.  Another one is that there is no spell check here. I also participate in the head and neck cancer forum on the Inspire site and find it much more reliable and professionally run...

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                Rey, I have done extensive searches in the 8.5 years since I was first diagnosed, and I have not found a single case of head and neck cancer that was cured, or even just treated, with chemo alone.  They don't promise that because it doesn't happen. I am sorry that you don't feel that your 16 years have been worth the side effects, and that you weren't told there might be late radiation effects, but it sounds a...

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                  Kak, I know that many people have had partially glossectomies (tongue removal) for cancer, and have had varying success with it.  Total removal is, I believe, done but not common. I agree with getting a second opinion if this has been recommended for you or someone you know. Susan

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                    John, If the swelling is recent, I suggest that you contact your doctors about it.  Maybe start with your primary care and go from there if you need to.  There may be something they can suggest to help. And you can also get a referral to a speech therapist from your cancer center or ENT.  Even if this is not correctable such an expert may be able to help you use what you have left to improve your spe...

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                      Bill, Thanks for your kind words and also for your advocacy here.  I just feel that I was blessed with good friends, both in real life and online, who helped me immeasurably while I was sick, so the least I can do is try to help others a bit. I do wonder, and worry a bit, when there is no activity here. Susan

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                      I have squamous cell cancer. A neck dissection showed one node positive (<3 cm.) and encapsulated. No primary has been found. I have no risk factors for this condition. Day after tomorrow I go in to have all my teeth pulled (my teeth are OK, but gums not so great). I will need five weeks of radiation, starting as soon as my mouth heals, and have been told not to lose any weight, even though I'm about 15 # overweight. Everyone is hoping I can avoid a feeding tube, but I'm not confident I can eat enough, especially without any teeth. I'd really like advice and support for this.

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