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    How do you think feel about anyone getting cancer???? Breaks my heart!!! Frankly I think that is a dumb question to ask! Jeeze!!! My heart goes out to anyone fighting cancer of any part of their body!!! Does that answer your question???

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    First, Sometimes it just helps to have a friend that understands what your going through. I have found that is difficult with health issues. So hear I am, looking for others that might understand me as I do them. I have had 44 surgeries total and 3 auto immune diseases. I use to be a nurse before this all happened. I know just enough to be a pain in the butt to doctors, lol. Now, I have had as far a cancer, colon, breast, skin. But, my husband has just finished treatment for head/neck Squamous Cell that started in the left tonsil. He just got his PET Scan back clean, thank you God! As he is my caretaker and best friend. He is self employed and this has financial ruined us but with saying that, we are rebuilding. He had no ins. so he went to the County for his cancer treatment as my SSI is so low every month. My Grandpa had the Pancreatic Cancer and I was with him all the way. And I am constantly fighting with skin cancer. I was a dumb California surfer as a kid bathed in Baby Oil. We didn't know back then the damage it caused. I sure do now! My Grandma had Colon cancer the size of a Softball & was very blessed as it was in a sack so to speak of its own. So she was blessed! I had marked Diverticular disease & IBS for 15 yrs and went in for a Colonoscopy to find I was a mess and cancer at 36 yrs old. I thought with having to wear a pouch the rest of my life, my life was over. Ha! NO WAY! I found it was just the beginning of a wonderful pain free and no one even knows unless I tell them. And I even got Married! Wow! Nothing is stopping this girl. Through what you want at me. I am not caving! I just had a complete C7-C2 fusion in my neck when I got told about my hubby. That man had never been sick a day in his life. He was so strong through out all of it. We still have no for sures for the future but with a positive attitude I have found you can over come anything and your faith! We take everything a day at a time and savor every moment together as you never know what tomorrow could bring. But, today I focus on today! I have a lil Maltese as you can see she is a service dog. Mitch brought her in the hospital to visit me as we both missed each other so much! She is our child! Her name is BB short for Bridget. I am a very easy person to talk to and a very honest person. I will never nor should anyone diagnose other than your doctor. But, I am here to help anyone that reaches out to me. I will help and be a friend to anyone that asks here. And I am also here to listen and learn more as cancer education gets better and better with time. Never give up! I don't get out a lot so this laptop is my window to the world. So, I hope I will make some friends here ;) God, bless everyone here, @}----}--------- I am in daily pain due to a connective tissue disease, I am on Morphine and Valium for the pain and muscle spasms. It was a little hard getting use to this change in my life style as I was always cycling, gardening, walking, bowling etc. Now, I have had to make some real changes. A different pace in life. Sometimes in bed all day. Some days I look completely normal. But, I always do something special on the hard days, like treat for myself even if it is a stupid manicure! Okay Bright Blessings to everyone of you here! My signature Rose @}---}------- to you all in joining you for a cure to this horrid disease that has hurt so many lives! I carry each of you in my heart! Love to you all~ Shelley

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