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    I have prostate cancer. The urologist wants to take out my prostate asap. I do not want to go that route. I did find out about Focal Laser Ablation which targets only the cancer cells in the prostate, it looks like a much better option. I prefer to cure my prostate naturally any more information would be greatly appreciated 

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      Is there any information on people having there PSA being lowered? I had a PSA test done 12-20-2016 it came back at 12.8 I then had a biopsy done 1-24-2017 and I was positive for cancer  then June 2017 PSA test was 12.7 after that I changed my diet and started alternative treatments  I just had my PSA tested again 10-19-17 and it is 8.3 is that an indication  the cancer may be dying?  Tha...

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        Look into other treatments I've lowered my PSA from 12.8 to 8.3  https://www.cancertutor.com/

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