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    Many thanks for the reply, Obcodi. My husband's stem cell transplant went well. I'm curious. Is remission at all common in MM?  How long ago did you have your transplant? I hope it's going well for you.

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      Hi all,  My husband was diagnosed with a slow-growing multiple myeloma (at the time of his bone marrow biopsy in June, plasma cells in bone marrow were only at .3%). He has been on Revlimid and doing the cycle of Velcade injections. His hematologist is suggesting an autologous stem cell transplant. Has anyone out there had this procedure? Any thoughts, information, etc.? Many thanks.

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        Hi all, my husband is in week 3 of his radiation & chemo treatments for base of tongue cancer. We started using his feeding tube today. My question: I purchased a seriously high calorie protein powder for shakes and I am wondering whether I could use the peg tube to administer? Many thanks in advance for your guidance!

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