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On May 08, 2018 3:17 AM ToddlerFather wrote:

This theory doesn't add up to me. PSA output doesn't increase just because the prostate is under mechanical pressure. 

That was my thought also. But why the sudden change in PSA and urinary habits? 

That is what I am trying to figure out. The only major change was the rectal cancer removal. 

Yes, I am finishing up with chemo but I do not think that is an issue. 

|It is just puzzling..

I am a 62 year old man. About a year ago during a routine colonoscopy I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Originally staged as a Stage 3 but the surgery biopsy was a Stage 2. I had no real symptoms other than occasional constipation.

Due to the low location of the tumor, I had my rectum removed and a permanent colostomy was performed. Two surgeons, one a short woman with short fingers, both told me they could feel the tumor when only the first knuckle was inserted during a digital exam.
As a result of the surgery I ended up with a bruise on my prostate and for a short period of time the bruise would cause me to ejaculate blood depending on my body position.

As a result of this bleeding issue, I have been seeing my urologist.

I had been seeing him for over 2 years for BPH or an "enlarged prostate" and put on Finnesteride. Every 6 months I would get as PSA test and digital exam. Originally my PSA was around 4.7 but dropped to about 3.5 with the drug treatment. No one ever said the digital exam "felt funny" or I needed a CT or MRI. I also would have nights where I would have to urinate every 30 minutes or so.

Additionally, I visited a different surgeon for possible hemmorhhoid surgery. He also examed me and said nothing.

*** Puzzle piece #1.
While having the chemo port put in for 5FU treatment, the surgeon told me the moist delicate part of the colostomy surgery was "peeling the rectum from the prostate". So I learned they were side by side.

***Puzzle piece #2
During a followup with my urologist, another PSA test was performed. It came back at 0.1. Hmmm that is quite a difference.

***Puzzle piece #3
Then I realized that I thaT I do not have to get up at night to urinate anymore. Maybe once a night normally. Double Hmmmmm

So I am thinking that I never had an enlarged prostate but I had a rectal tumor which was pressing on the prostate causing the raised PSA and urination issue.

I am curious if I am thinking I was misdiagnosed.
Thoughts or comments?


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