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Colon Cancer

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in April 2008. My first surgery the LAR was performed June 20, 2008, where the cancer was removed. When I awoke 48 hours later, my surgery turned into 12 hours not the 4-5 hours that was promised. Apparently there were complications, and they lost me at least once during the procedure, although my medical records that I asked for did not indicate any complications and half was either missing or blacked out, yes how can they black out your medical records, first red flag. Anyway...10 days post op an intern came into my room performed an unauthorized procedure and well all hell came loose, literally, my stomoach pretty much blew up and I developed a rectal/vaginal fistula within a few hours I was rushed into surgery, they couldn't fix the fistula because the skin was not viable, they would have to leave it for further surgery down the road. They did have to give me a colostomy at the time, because the LAR fell apart and they had to remove more of my colon. I thought this was the end of it, but 7 days later back to the operating table for another surgery, it came apart again...My recovery was long nearly 5 weeks in the hospital, came home to full time nursing care, physical therapy because the first LAR, on the table for 12 hours caused nerve damage to my right side from my foot to my hip I couldn't feel a thing or more my leg. It took the hospital 4 days to send a neurologist to take a look at me, I had a compression nerve damage, it was too late to fix the damage had already been done, because they waited 4 days. I pleaded for them to call someone down but they didn't seem to think it was a big deal. I think not being able to feel your leg or move it is a big deal. So now I have right peripheral nerve damage, a rectal/vaginal fistula, and months later I found out the surgeon cut off the blood supply to the sigmoid colon, basically killing it, so the reason for the severe diarrhea, I forgot to mention that is due to the blood supply being cut off , and now it maybe nearly impossible to reattach me and get rid of the colostomy. I thought cancer was bad, the amount of damage to me now is much worse than the cancer was. I am currently in a lawsuit, which the hospital now wants to settle out of court, we'll see how that goes...but I am cancer-free thank God and still alive and kicking. I am going to be going to UCLA soon, within the next few weeks to get repair surgery, they are suppose to be the best surgeons around so hopefully I can get some relief finally. That is what I am praying for a miracle for sure. Sorry about the novel, had a lot to say. I am lucky though got a great husband, three great kids and tons of friends that support me. I am blessed.

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