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    Incurable Cancers might benefit from alternative therapies if only to optimise ones general health in order to best cope with the end game. Well I’m giving it a go for sure !

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      I’ll write with gaps between sentences as the format here doesn’t allow paragraphs so the text looks like one long, hard to read back sentence ! It goes against my grammar grain. So Holistic stuff fab I’m in ! Turmeric Root as good as Curcumim or not ? DMSO I haven’t heard of,what is it ? The anti inflammatory and Vit C IV infusión I really like the idea but I can’t find a practitioner here in

      August 11, 2018 view post
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        Oh thank you so much for replying ! I’m delighted to talk to someone who understand yet I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this ?? How has your husband changed so much ! Do you blame it on all the Meds ? Let’s face it he’s putting toxins into his body he’ll suffer the side effects; some I think are tolerable,other are not ! Do you mostly blame it on the Steroids ? Dexamethasone is that the one - hmm awful !...

        July 28, 2018 view post
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          Hello I too have a GBM wild type but sadly there’s not a Surgeon alive will operate “it would take too much of you away” they say. I’m at the beginning of my grade 4 journey so a lot is new to me but for what it’s worth I don’t think the steroids would be causing your husbands leg muscle atrophy. What about a static exercise bike at home, weights on his ankles lifting and lowering just at knee height from a sitting...

          July 27, 2018 view post
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            I’d love to hear from someone in a similar situation and their reasons for treatment choices. Has anyone declined Radio or Chemo therapy for a GBM ? I prefer to stay as I am which is relatively symptom free so far. My disease has not behaved in the normal way or with the normal progression so I have always presented as an anomaly! My tumours were thought to possibly be Grade 2 six years ago but even then I had no d...

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              I will indeed try it thank you ??

              July 24, 2018 view post
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                Thank you so much for the book Refs. I’ve just taken a screen shot because there’s no way I’ll remember the details ...... but that’s par for my course these days ! I won’t be able to have surgery either. I realise I’ve now even more research to do with all these drugs I’m reading about on this site ! I’ve already done 6 weeks of searching and finding and I’m exhausted with it ! All the best Susieq32

                July 23, 2018 view post
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                  Hi Donnaruth Firstly, your survival has been remarkable and I’m beyond happy for any of the fellow GBM suffers here who can manage to beat the odds - I’m determined to be one of them ! I’m at the start of the journey. A few weeks ago I was told I’d a Grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma RF lobe along with Gliomatosis Cerebri for all the other smaller scattered tumours. (Btw the WHO no longer recognises GC as a term to...

                  July 23, 2018 view post
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