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RE: Faslodex

by Swagme - March 01 at 10:28 AM

On Feb 28, 2019 4:31 PM timeisforever wrote:

Hi! I've been on Faslodex for about 14 months so may not be able to help you a whole lot.  I also take the drug Ibrance with it so may have different experiences.  I did have problems with walking and pain in my right hip and right leg last fall but was given 10 days of radiation and it completely went away.  In fact, I think I've gotten better each month!  Have you seen a cancer orthopedic doctor?  Or maybe you need to switch to a different medication or take a break from it for a while.  I know my injection sites have small lumps under the skin so maybe it builds up and presses against the nerve or something.  Just throwing ideas out there.  Good luck!  Janet

Thank goodness, I found someone who is going through similar symptoms! I feel like I am going crazy sometimes. The Dr’s act like there is nothing wrong with me, and tell me after many xrays, it is just bursitis. This is NOT just bursitis. It’s been hurting me for over 3 years. And the last 2 years, I have been unable to walk. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JANET! I will find a cancer orthopedic dr. As soon as possible. My cousin told me I should look for a Naturopath Dr. who specializes in cancer. Perhaps there is one familiar with this dilemma. I just realized that these lumps just get worse. And yes, I believe they are presssing against my sciatica nerve. It’s living hell, trying to sleep when this piercing pain like a knife is twisting in my hip. I was fast asleep an hour ago (2 am) and the knife wrenching pain woke me up again! Time for another pain pill.Thanks again, you are so sweet to answer me back.

If ever your family needs to be united, the time is now. And if you can pray with him or for him, now is the time. My uncle just went through a double surgery similar to your brother's, in June of 2018. He is 87. We were all praying for him, all throughout his surgery, all of us, Buddhists, Catholics, agnostics, Baptists, and for weeks after. It took a toll on him. But after about 3 months of recovering, he has rebounded, and is his own self again! I'm contantly amazed at the human spirit to regenerate itself. None of us will live forever, but my uncle is now cancer free. And we expect him to live another 10 years. My thoughts, never give up. Life is precious. I dont know much about your brother's specifics, but some Dr.'s are now using dna/ genetics/stem cell therapies to administer healing properties. You might inquire if there are any clinical trials available. Many of the research hospitals like USC, Stanford and others, are starting to try these techniques/ And most insurances will pay for 2nd opinions, some even 3rd. Be kind to yourself, and just do your best. We are all going through something. Worth a shot. Cant hurt to ask. Best wishes and prayers flowing your way.

RE: Suddenly Can't walk well

by Swagme - February 19 at 5:41 AM

No problem. If you are at all spiritual, your prayers for him mean alot. Whether he survives another year or two, or just another day or two, make him happy, and comfortable. Do what he wants you to do.Think of each moment could be his last. Try your best to celebrate each moment. 

I miss my Dad so much. He died when he was only 53 back in 1974, from colon cancer. However, I am Buddhist, I believe  in reincarnation. And So, I believe he is already reborn, possibly in my grandson's body.

Perhaps your Father's mission has been fulfilled and he is tired of suffering. Justdo your best.

RE: best bone cancer pain meds

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:49 AM


RE: best bone cancer pain meds

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:48 AM

My friend was on strong pain killers, (opiates) and told me to take lots of vitamin C. For the constipation! It worked! I like the Vitimin C gummies , it’s like eating candy! Try 3 or 4 , if that doesn’t work, pop a few more. I dont think u can OD on vitamin C. Also, if you have an orange tree, just eat lots of oranges.

RE: best bone cancer pain meds

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:39 AM

Bone pain is no joke. I have been on morphine for 12 years, ( I didn’t know I would live this long!!! I was told to get my affairs in order, stage IV meant 2-5 yrs.....) so, yeah, I am addicted ....trying to taper off now. Wish me luck!

RE: Suddenly Can't walk well

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:28 AM

Dear Joylu, Wow, my prayers go out to your Father. What a horrible thing for him to lose his balance. You need someone strong who can pick him up if he falls, for sure.And be patient with him, because he doesn’t realize how to deal with his decline, so he is most likely very frustrated. I am using a cane, but was on a walker in Dec.when I had back surgery. I am getting better but it still sucks having a leg go out on me unexpectedly at any time. The main thing is keep asking the doctors to help you. Bug them incessantly, because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And give your Dad lots of love. This is probably the hardest thing he has ever had to deal with. I will send you prayers!

RE: Faslodex Treatment

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:19 AM

Hi! Your post was long ago also. How are you doing? Are you still on Faslodex? I would be very interested to know. Perhaps this board is not very popular. Should I try a different one?

RE: Faslodex once a month shots

by Swagme - February 19 at 1:17 AM

WOW, this is an old post! Susan, how are you doing?


by Swagme - February 19 at 1:14 AM

Who out there is on monthly Faslodex shots? How many years have you been on them? How many of you are now crippled? After 7 years of this drug, I cannot walk, because of sciatic muscle pain, and neuropathy. I have never had neuropathy EVER in my life, didn’t know what it was! Until about 2 years ago, it started and has progressively gotten worse. I don’t know if the drug is toxic, or the nurses have administered the drug wrong (I am beginning to believe the drug company wants that to be the case, so that they and the doctors do not get sued.) Please, let me know your experience.
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