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On Mar 17, 2019 5:35 PM Swifty wrote:

That sound like a plan and I admire your great attitude which will help you with the task at hand...Killing the enemy. I am rooting

for you. I have learned that a super low TSH is best to discourage ThyCa?  I wish JUST ONE of the many doctors I saw knew that.

My TSH levels don't look so 'normal" anymore.

2.10   0.18   3.30   2.34   2.06   0.49   2.24   4.11   2.89  2.75

Yeap, TSH suppresion helps. The reason for that is that most ThyCa are DTC (D for Differentiated), meaning that the mutated cells are not much apart from normal thyrodean cells and preserve some or most of their characteristics. One of them is to be more "excited" in the presence of TSH and more "calm" when TSH is suppresed. 

TSH suppresion is not much useful for ATC (A for Anaplastic) exactly because those cells stopped resembling thyrodean cells or for MTC (M for Medullary) because the original cells are from a very specific type that even normally wouldn't respond to TSH. 

TSH levels are controlled by the pituatary gland, based on the thyrodean hormone levels it sees in the blood stream. A nodule can have an effect either way on this. 

Also of notice is that your intake of Synthroid or equivalent should be based on weight; if your weight changed and you kept your dosage constant, that would mean a change from the actual need of hormone. The pituatary would try compensate for that by producing more or less TSH... so the variation you've seen could have an origin unrelated to the nodule. 

While the mechanism for LDN is yet unknown, which doesn't make a case for its use in support therapy, ThyCa is known for recurrence. Before being diagnosed with Stage IV, I was on TSH suppression, which is a known way to reduce recurrence. I'm still is, and I expect to be on it forever. I haven't made my mind yet for whether to also be on LDN for therapy support, but first I need to kill the enemy at hand. 

On Mar 13, 2019 11:05 PM Swifty wrote:

So true. I feel that there are many nodules found due to increased preemptive screenings. The question becomes is that a good thing or a bad, thing. Catch something early or overdiagnose something that may never cause an issue. Meanwhile, I am calming down a bit from the initial report. My latest question is whether an FNA could potentially cause more trouble by disturbing the nodule?

Both are true; the good thing is that more real threats are being early diagnosed giving a number of people more quality of life. The bad thing is that more people are getting concerned about non-threats, because now they know them, and overall cost of medicine is increasing, putting a strain on public resources and private family budgets. ??

As for your latest question, what was recently found was a connection between blood flow and cancer spread, which may add some concerns regarding surgery. But an FNA is more about destroying blood capillaries by sucking them among nodule tissue, so I wouldn't have this particular concern. 

On Mar 16, 2019 6:58 PM battletsh wrote:

Hi How did your pregnancy go, my wife is in same situation! :(

High TSH is unexpected during pregnancy, so the reasons for it are likely unrelated to the fetus. It may be related to the previous thyroid cancer, or not... 

... shouldn't an MD take a look at her ?

RE: new here - RAI

by ToddlerFather - March 12 at 5:41 PM

Even though RAI will not cure every possible cancer, the guidelines establishing where it is worthwile are clear in including your case as one to do it. 

The little time of isolation is a very minor price to pay for the added chances of recovery. And it was funny to me when I accidentally came near a physicist and he jumped back in fear... I felt like Spiderman. ;-)

On Mar 09, 2019 12:26 PM KimmyAnn wrote:

Besides PTC, I have Hashimotos and even though my thyroid is out now, my doc said to avoid cruciferous vegetables. I can't find good data that says these are bad, though I found one article that said to cook them instead of eating them raw. Anyone else get diet advice?

Wasn't this advice constrained to an specific point in time where you would or could be doing a procedure with iodine, like WBS or RAI ? 

RE: Confused

by ToddlerFather - March 12 at 5:30 PM

There is indeed a bias where cancer groups are sought for by those with worse diags. Take me as an example: I have been dealing with ThyCa since 2012, but only got to this forum after being diagnosed with Stage IV some years later. 

As for percentages and risks, they apply to populations; for you, what matters is your case. So a focus on determining, to the best of medical technology, what your case is or isn't will allow you to deal better with your situation. 

In my case, it was a shock moving from a scenario where most people recover to one where most people die. But my tumor hasn't changed a bit, it was just a change in perception. 

On Mar 10, 2019 8:12 PM Swifty wrote:

I am so happy for you and I hope that the progress in continuing. I was on LDN for a few years and went off at the Doctor's suggestion to take a break. Fast forward and I am newly diagnosed with a suspicious nodule. Not sure if I should go with LDN or CBD oil or both?!

Suspicious nodules became an usual diagnostic due to advances in medical imaging. Do not suffer by anticipation until it's confirmed as a threat to your health. 

- I wouldn't say it shrunk, but it's stable.

- No blood flow is a good sign, but Thyroid tumors require so little to grow that it's not authoritative. 

- Microcalcifications indicate an immune response to somewhat your immune thought it was worth fighting. Cells that don't die, also known as cancer, is one of those, but not the only possibility. 

While I don't think you can rule out cancer, it's hard to choose where to get an FNA sample from, since there is no blood flow visible in the doppler. Without specific guidance, the FNA would be made at random and could miss a real tumor. 

RE: Go the extra mile

by ToddlerFather - February 22 at 9:46 PM

OS rates reflect the science available when they were measured; mostly, surgery, radio and chemo. Immune and targerted therapies have been increasing life spans, but this has yet to be captured in reference studies. 

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