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    I had Whipples 21 years ago, took me a long time to recover from the surgery, but with someone who loves you and helps you it does eventually get better. Today I have been told I have gastritis, but I have the husband God sent to me 11 years ago, I wouldn't be alive now without him, and I have my faith in God and Jesus to give me strength at the hardest times. Take your medicines until you can wean off them, listen t...

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      My Name is Thamniab or Tao, my husband's name is Tom. I had the Whipple surgery 21 years ago, and I married Tom 11 years ago. I have a lot of stomach pain for many years and no one knows why. Today I have a camera down my throat and the doctor say I have Gastritis and my stomach slow to empty. I thank God I have Tom to help me, and I thank God for helping me live so long after the operation.

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