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Chemo therapy goes every place in the body,cwhilst radiation is a targeted therapy used for one spot! I also was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2011 and was told chemo was just a treatment. For me I knew nothing was impossible for God, so I got God involved in this journey. Today I'm enjoying life and am a stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor. 

Blessings as you both continue on this journey. 


RE: Stage 4 pancreatic cancer

by Treasure - February 05 at 8:12 PM

Just a reminder Denver, if you don't believe in miracles or healings, maybe you will when you need one! 

RE: Seeking advice

by Treasure - January 24 at 2:07 AM

Pancreatic cancer is a very sneaky type of cancer and spreads very fast! Any oncologist will tell you the best way to treat this is to have a Whipple procedure and possibly a mild chemo after as a precautionary measure. Diet plays an important role after a whipple . Stage l brings a lot of hope provided a Whipple is done! The sooner the better. I would hope he would talk and ask questions to his oncologist before he makes a  final decision . Stopping chemo, and going on a diet that may not work, gives this cancer a chance to spread.  It's not everyone that qualifies for a Whipple, so he is very fortunate to have this offered to him. 

I certainly wish him the best as he continues on this journey, and it a good idea to get God involved with this. 


RE: Whipple operation

by Treasure - January 17 at 1:15 AM

Whipple procedure can be done a second time to remove the rest of the pancreas.


Stage 4 pancreatic cancer

by Treasure - December 24 at 2:55 AM

Well here I am again, I've just finished my eighth year since diagnosis of this putrid disease and starting my 9 year of freedom ! Life is great and the only medication I take is Creon! For me, I knew I needed some mighty powerful help ! I did do chemo only to have this cancer come back  afew months later! So I knew I needed something more then chemo and remembering how God had washed my sin away I knew he could certainly wash away all this cancer that was floating around within me!  So here I am today, cancer free and I know I am only here by the grace of God! The most important thing I can tell anyone whom is fighting this disease is not to waste time focusing on this disease but spend your time focusing on God! He holds the key to your future and the most wonderful thing is, you don't need an appointment to talk to God,....he's only a prayer away. 

Blessings to all 


RE: Stage 4 pancreatic cancer gone!

by Treasure - November 16 at 2:25 AM

Hi lupe, sorry your husband has this putrid disease! This is such a sneaky type of agressive cancer! After 5 months of treatment the second time around, my cancer was gone and gone for good! I was so fed up with this disease and I wanted it gone for good, once and for all. Doctors are just that, but God is God and He certainly can do what no one else can do. I did not know if my time on Earth was coming to an end of not,  but I went directly to God and asked him to take this cancer from me once and for all. Treatment let me down the first time  round so if I was doing this again, I certainly was not doing it alone. It's God that brought me through this tough journey and today the only pill I take is Creon! ! ! Dec.23 I will be starting my nineth year and I will do it. . I wish your husband victory over this disease. For me, I know I'm only here by the grace of God!

Blessings as you both continue on in this journey.


6 months, but at 5 months, there was no evidence of cancer, but I did the extra 2 treatments as a precautionary measure. Life is great!

Folfirinox is a very agressive treatment and for me, worked really well !

Stage 4 pancreatic cancer gone!

by Treasure - August 08 at 11:49 PM

Well here I am once again to let you know there is hope for those fighting pancreatic cancer! 

I had my yearly scan and today I got my results,! There is no evidence of cancer! ! Dec.23 will be 8 years for me. 

For me I knew I needed God to take this journey with me, and once I got him nvolved, things began to happen. My ca 19-9 numbers went from 2997 down to 997 after afew treatments and I knew God was at work. I believe God hand picked the medical team and the treatment as we continued on in this journey! 

My life since cancer has been better then ever, and it's God that has brought me this far. I know without a shadow of doubt this putrid disease is gone for good!  Treatment and God go hand and hand together!  The God in the Bible is still the same today as he was in Bible time days. Healings still happen !

See you all next year


RE: Pancreatic cancer!

by Treasure - June 12 at 3:34 PM

Hi Dave, I too had a large tumour in the head of my pancreas which started to move up into the bile duct. I too had a stent put in and after afew days my colour started to return to normal. I did have the whipple procedure followed by 6 months of chemo. This rotten beast came back in two areas of my liver afew months after finishing treatment. I was given 5-6 months to live and put on a more agressive chemo for pain! 

I was no excepting this and knowng there is a high power I got God involved n my journey! For me, this was xactly what I needed as I askd God to take charge of this journey and bring me through to victory! For me this extra powerful help did just that. 

That was almost 8 years ago, so there s hope , this is a sneaky type of cancer, but it's not the death sentence it once was! Chemo is not like it was years ago as they have many antinausea drugs to help you through this, should chemo be suggested. Not sure what will be recommended for you, but I wish you all the best! 

Life is great! And I know I'm only here by the grace of God!

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I am a stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor . When doctors gave no hope I went directly to God because I knew he could do what doctors and chemo could not do. I am here to day only by the grace of God. Our God is awesome! I am now? making my way to 8 years of freedom from this wretched disease!

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