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    Understood but since the ct scan showed no evidence and a ct scan can not detect under 1 cm I feel that all of them have shrunk the largest one the most. Plan is to continue with diet, supplements, acupuncture and get another Lupron shot in March.

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      Kind of jumped the gun on cancer free -  but it was such great news to know that lupron is working.  And hopefully the diet, and supplements are helping too.  I do not want to do radiation and will hold off until I have no choice.  I had three nodes - 2 were 11 mm and one was 2.2cm x 1.5cm  so if the 2.2x1.5 is less then 1 cm ( size detectable by ct scan that means that that node shrunk consi...

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        Well January has come and gone and I promised an update.  Had blood work done first of February with great news.  PSA was done to 1.6, testosterone was 13 ( medically castrated), estradiol was less then 15.  Glocuse is getting better and so is Hemoglobin A1C is down to normal level. Vitamin D is normal and Cholestersal in going down.  So I feel that what I am doing is having positive effect. ...

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          Thank you for the information and the suggestions - LDN sounds promising, I will check it out. Thanks

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            Went to Urologist due to a blood vessel in penis that enlarged and was giving me discomfort - Doc said that it happens sometimes and started to sent me on my way - then Doc decided to give me a prostate exam - bingo hardness in prostate so PSA test with the result of 32. So up the ladder I went and had the biopsy coming back with a 4 + 3 (7) Gleason score. So hurried along for a CT Scan which showed 3 lymph...

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