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    Good to hear, I came home today not to bad, just had to wait for gas to pass then they released me. Hope all is well thanks for the connect

    October 18 at 7:48 PM view post
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      Thankyou fishing123, Im hopeing the strength will return quickly as I dont like being down.... 

      October 15 at 8:25 PM view post
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        To anyone having had the DaVince surgery I am 2 days away from my surgery and feeling a little apprehensive(nervouse)as to how the recovery process is going to be, and how long before were feeling back to 100%.... any feedback will be greatly appreciated Wayno58  ;)

        October 14 at 4:46 PM view discussion
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        age 60
        active and still working
        and recently diagnosed w/prostate cancer

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