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RE: Hope4cancer clinic

by WonderWoman1 - March 13, 2019

Hi, i havent been, but some of the women i follow on social media have been, and it really seems to have given them hope and i guess they are happy with the results.  Not sure if this helps, but maybe its something? Follow them on FB and Instagram and maybe reach out to some of the followers or commenters? 

Your going trough something u need a lot of strenght , courage and will power for, dont worry about some loose strands.. Its just hair. Maybe not hidding it, will give u less insecurities , that is if u feel comfortable with it, you dont have to make cancer look easy, dont be so hard on yourself, and be kind to yourself. They can adjust and adapt.  

Or.. i guess the hats give u away, have you tried a bun ( if u have long hair ) or maybe a hairband? Or carry one of those rollers with u, the sticky ones? 

P.S. ur a trooper, treatment and the GYM! wish i had ur strenght :) 

Always rooting for you Joy!  

RE: Newly Diagnosised

by WonderWoman1 - August 25, 2018

Hi, So sorry about your diagnosis! I wish you love strenght and happiness regardless of your diagnosis. I always believe of the power of the mind and heart, and make sure you take care of those equally as you are fighting this awefull disease. When my mom passed a way i found a lot of comfort in listening to alan Watts, Qi Qong energy videos, and Joe Dispenza videos on youtube. 

Hi, Ive also heard the same, as far as i know adding flax to your diet is always healthy! Its hard to say who it helped more than others, but i dont think trying can hurt! 

RE: Breast

by WonderWoman1 - January 22, 2018

Hi , If thats a clear sign for you that something is wrong in your body, please have it checked out! I could be anything tho! Including something minor. Change of odor is a sign our body is busy with something, but that something could be anything. So have it checked out! 

RE: Survival

by WonderWoman1 - January 08, 2018

hi what gave me hope was a blog of pancreatic cancer, called stage4 hope, i know i cant post links here but if u use the key words i gave u on google i think it should pop up! All the best! Nothing is impossible!

hi Danny, lots of questions!  I learned, researched that markers can flactuate due to the cancers being atatched / dissolving, reacting to chemo, ive heard a lot of people had their markers increase during chemo and drop after treatment, similar to lets say an inflamation response.. i have a good site to ask these type of questions, if your interested, feel free to message me so i can send u the link. 

RE: What to expect

by WonderWoman1 - January 08, 2018

hi Betty, i went through something similar with my mom, ive read and researched everything i could expect, as far as thats even possible, here to chat or share my experience, feel free to message me

hi claity! so happy to hear that! after losing my mom i gt so sick of hearing bad results and the expectancies linked to PC, diagnosis and prognosis are tw different things, i think the second is also a mental fight. How did u get your pancreatic tumor to dissolve if i might ask?

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