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    Hi. Wonder Woman! I've always wanted to meet a super hero so maybe that's you. Thank you for your kind wishes, thoughts on the mind and the heart. I'm trying to take better care of both of them. Some days are certainly esier that others. I'll also check out your list of resourses. Again - Thank You.  

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        Thank you in advance for reading my post. I was diagnosised with a small PC tumor at the head of my pancreas in March of this year. The hope was for a Whipple but due to cancer in my lungs that is no longer an option. I am going to continue on with the chemo as it shrunk my tumor and my Dr has had good success with this otion. I feel so alone, scared and helpless. I live in a small town with a cancer center at the lo...

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        Pancreatic Cancer, Lung Cancer

        I'm 58 year old man living in State of Wyoming. I am a certified professional dog trainer. I LOVE dogs!, some books, NatGeo Shows on TV and training my dog until if/when I can ever go back to teaching dog classes.

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