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    Hi, I had chemo and radiotherapy to my nasal area and the side of my neck. I have a constant stiff neck but only just experiencing cramping. It has got better but my shoulders and neck do not relax ever. The gp saw my tongue and immediately sent me for scans. I know past history comes into it but surely could have been a different reason. It turns out she thought i had had a stroke in previous months or possible ca...

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      Hi Susan. I went to hospital straight from my GP yesterday for a CT Scan, They were looking for signs of a stroke mainly I believe or possibly my cancer returning. I had nasal phyrageal (behind my nose). My bloods and my CTScan came back clear. They are now sending me for a MRI just to be safe ba Aust of my past history. The doctor didn’t seem concerned. The problem was because my tongue evicted to the side an...

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        Hi Jeff, I went back to the GP yesterday who sent me immediately up to my local hospital. She suspected mainly a stroke as my tongue was deviated to one side. Also they were thinking possible return of my cancer. The bloods came back fine and my CT scan was clear. They are puzzled as I am not otherwise unwell apart from anxiety. Next step is a MRI just to check further. Still worried got to say, It’s a so far...

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          Susan, Thankyou for replying. I am going to try and see another go this morning. I have noticed my symptoms increase when anxious, if I relax they just about go away. I think it is coming from my shoulder as it is effecting my arm too. I had chemo and radiotherapy on my head and neck. I’m frightened and feel so sick at the moment

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            Hi, I am nearly 6 years cancer free from Nasal phyrangael cancer, well I am hoping I am as I am kinda worried at the moment. I went to my local gp as I get occasional tongue cramping which can effect my speech for a short time. A bit like when you come out of the dentist after aneasthetic. I have always had a stiff neck and shoulder since treatment and just got on with as I was glad to be here. She says today tha...

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              Jeff, I appreciate it’s been a while since you wrote this information but I am myself 5 years In remission from nasalphryangael ( can’t spell it) . I have just started with cramping in my tongue and I wondered if you even followed it up with your consultant. My gp is sending me back to my local ENT department as she just said my tongue cramping was weird. I’m frightened, reading your post made me feel a little be...

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