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I am new to this message board. I was diagnoised with GBC in Dec.5 2012 during gallbladder removable, They suspected the mass to be GBC s o I was sent to a liver specialist for the surgery. It was a T3NOMO cancer. I had a liver resection one third of the liver and margins removed along with the lymph nodes and all were ok. Pet scan was ok and CA19-9 were normal. I started radiation therapy and kemo Gemzar on Jan. 22 13. Is there anybody else out there with this stage cancer and what have you done to keep it from returning.how did you decide what treatments to do Where did you find any studies to back up the chem and radiation. My oncoligist says it is so rare only one study on 60 people and I was in the 2% of the study. So they liken this cancer to pancreatic cancer studies. I just want to know what I am doing is really going to help. Many side effects to kemo. Already my WBC has dropped and I had to have Neupogen shots. I only have 2 more weeks of kemo and radiation. Then they suggest 3 more months of kemo. Would love to have some imput.

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