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Sarah I know how you are feeling we found out 30th May that the cancer went to his brain 2012 he died 5 months later and it was our last summer together didn't do much because he had seizures a lot and sept 7th was the last day he walked last summer was my first without him and i hated it all the new life around you the couples out just so so hard i pray for peace for all of us

My Baby just finished high school and got her diplomia on Saturday the 24th we just moved the 17th of May for the 3rd time in a year I lost my husband going on 19 months the 30th of may She wants a life of her own with her BF So much has changed I am thinking of getting her setteled and moving out on my own just my dog and cat to NC with my brother and starting over fresh but it is just so hard yesterday was hard but my little sister knew and God knew and he sent her to visit me and have a cookout and it made me feel better after 31 years of knowing my husband and being married just 2 months shy of 31 my life will never be the same like Robin i go to bed early and just pass time away I don't cry like i did in the begining i am just tring to live with it so i know how you feel such a big loss in our life and really hard to start over as 1 

Dylan lost his battle with GBM this morning and my heart breaks for his mother to have lost her only son yet another victim of cancer it just makes me ill to my stomach so so many die every day there has got to be a cure somday I lost 2 of the men in my life that i loved first my dad and then my husband Cancer Sucks

I just try to stay busy our next to the youngest daughter and our 7 yr old grandson baked him a cake i was not with them as they are about a hour away but we talked today makes 15 months for me since he passed so it is kinda hard to have back to back stuff going on in the month of Jan 

Today is my husbands 56th Birthday My 2nd one without him he died from cancer that went to his brain just 3 months before his 55th birthday my profile picture is his 54th the last one we shared in 2012 just 9 months before he died I never would have thought how much my life would change

My daughter has a friend her son is 20 ys old with GBM Duke in Nc said surgary would leave him brain dead and he is like your husband right side weakness tumor grew back where did he get his surgery / this woman would do anything to save her son she has the latest MRi on him can you give me the name of the hospital and the state he got his operation mabey she could talk to the doctor there she is praying for a merical hope she can find one

That moment when you and your brother is talking about your husbands ashes and you call to check about it and you get a answer this time after 14 and 1/2 months they said it looks like in about 2 weeks he will be ready to get cremated I just didn't know what to think they will be sending a letter when it is finished so i can have them mailed or pick them up i will be going with the girls to get them Wow I have known all along and it just feels so strange to me it is really real and what is so hard his 56th birthday is the 29th and the 30th will be 15 months will I ever quit grieving or will i feel this way forever it feels like it never ends

Update on Dylan Jones: I have a very heavy heart tonight. It saddens me say but Dylan will be coming home soon and will be on hospice. Duke confirmed that it would be best to stop all treatment so that infection doesn't set in. They confirmed that the tumor has caused permanent brain damage and that doing surgery would make Dylan a vegetable. We know he would not want that. We are not giving up yet! Miracles can happen and there is power in prayer! Dylan is aware that treatment is being stopped and has let us know that's what he wants. My heart is breaking into a million pieces & im praying that god will preform a miracle because I dont think I am strong enough to not have my son in my life! Please pray harder than ever!!!! This is just awful I just got this update from facebook please continue to keep him in your prayers

I did eat alone until my puppy grew up he is a bum lol but a handsome one i am eating pizza hut i type ad he is on my lap and at 55 to 60 pounds almost half my weight i think we are getting fat together ha ha if only he could talk but he shows me his love and he is the only male in this house i would be lost without him my golden retriever/ airdale love him to bits

I am asking everyone to take a minute and think of this young man who was dx a year ago with GBM he had it removed a year ago but with all the treatments it came back MRI showed it is growing and the doctors had asked to stop all treatment Hhis mom will be talking to the doctors at Duke on Monday but he is in West Virginia at a big University that knows so i don't think nothing will change.I lost my husband 14 months ago to Cancer that went to his brain from his lungs and i know how awful the boys mom must be feeling it is her only son I have Came a long way and it has been a long road for me to travel after almost 31 years of marriage Cancer Sucks and it don't care who it strikes Please if you will pray for Dylan Jones and if you would like you can look it up on Facebook at Dylan Jones Cancer Support Group Some of you may even be able to offer her words of comfort Thanks 

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my name is julia i lost my husband the love of my life my best friend my everything october 30th 2012 was the sadest day of my life to lung/brain cancer we spent 31 years together and i was his caregiver somedays i don,t think that my heart will ever quit hurting for him

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