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    8 years ago I had the Whipple operation.  I am now as far as the outtside world is concerned cured and well, however, the operation has left me with a very curtailed social life and each day I have no idea if I might have a bathroom problem. Which of course means I am unable to go out or plan very much.  If I am able to go out it is because the bathroom problem is the opposite situatation to being forced to...

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      There is high possibility that Mitch99349 is quite likely not to see this message and this is to say I sm so sorry I have not been in touch before but forget I had left a message and only today I re-found cancercompass. At the time of the message it was Sepy.2023!!!! Again sorry........but felt you might like to know my present position. Although overall I sm we'll, I do still have severe digestion problems which...

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        I am so sorry to hear your news.  Think of all the good times you had together as you were so lucky to have had a Dad. I never had one, but they say that what you never had you never miss.  Which is partially true. My Mother also died of this horrid cancer. I wish you all much love and happines to come, including your lovely dog. Dogs are such a comfort, I am sure you have a special friendship with him. ...

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          I am soon to have my breaast reconstructed and at the same time, as I have lost a lot of weight, I am having my "love handles" removed. I would love to chat to someone about this op or rather talk to someone about what happens and how one feels after the op. Can one sit? for how long? can one drive? etc lots of little things like that. We are going to Portugal for my recovery and plan to drive, which takes about 4...

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          Hi I am Annabelle and I am recovering from breast cancer and am well. However I am soon to have my breast reconstruction done and at the same time I am having two "love handles" removed.
          Has any one had this operation, (love handles removed) and can they tell me about the recovery time as well as details about sitting and walking. I am hoping to go to Portugal in November and we are planning on driving(not me driving) and I also wondered how long one can sit for in comfort. Any help would be much appreciated.

          I also had suspected cancer of the pancreas five years ago which involved having the Whipple operation. This has left me with various problems including chronic acid reflux, as well as digestive promblems. Would love to talk to someone who has had the same operation.
          Many thanks. A

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