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    Was diagnosed with prostate cancer metastasized to the pelvic bone and spine 2 years ago. I bought from these: http://www.dcalab.com/ . DCA worked for me, but I drank as much as 4grams a day (about 40mg/kg). This is a huge dose as the usual recommendation is 24mg/kg. Started with 2grams (20mg/kg) but since I did not experience any side effects and already saw some improvements I decided to increase it....

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      Hello,2 year prostate cancer survivor here. In the winter of 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, metastated to pelvic bone and spine. Friend convinced me to try DCA (sodium dichloroacetate) since it helped his family member.Here's what I did:-4grams of DCA a day (started with 2g but increased since no side effects were showing)-hyaluronic acid for bone strengtheningAlso, every 3 weeks I took 1 week bre...

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