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Went to the doctor to asked for a ca125 and he refused and put me on estrogen
I went to the er last night due to pains on my right lower side of abdomen they found a growth on my ovary said it might be a cyst but did nothing to know for sure and with all my other symptoms I'm afraid that it might be a tumor I have a doctor appointment in march probably going to try to make it sooner but in the time being has any one had the symptoms was any one diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that turned out to be a tumor??? I had thyroid cancer removed April of 2013 had no other test to see if it had spread just the removal of my thyroid and my thyroid meds I now have swollen lymph nodes!
Yes I had thyroid cancer that's the reason it was removed! They removed it and gave me my thyroid meds never told me what kind of thyroid cancer I had hitch I didn't know there was more then one kind never had any other treat ment no lymph nodes were tested to see if it had spread and now I have swollen lymph nodes that won't go away!
I had my whole thyroid removed that's all the doctors done besides my thyroid meds no kind of treatments or scans after it has been a year now I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck more then just one and they won't go away I haven't been sick no infection or any thing could it have spreaders to my lymph nodes!? Can it spread to other places? what should I do!? My health is spiraling out of control and I can't take much more of it! :(
Ok so i have had pelvic pain for a while now and no one has been able to tell me why! My symptoms are pelvic pain,fullness after small meals,bloating,bowel changes,and vaginal discharge I had a historectomy in 2012 due to my uterus being inlarged left my ovarys they figured that was what was making me hurt but they were wrong! I'm very bad fatigue have no energy to do anything even with my kids and it's killing me! I need some help from others! Can any one tell me if they had these symptoms and have found out what was wrong with them?!? I had thyroid cancer the last year they removed my thyroid had no kind of treatment after that just my thyroid pills! I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck groin and breast!
Biopsy came as nothing but now I have a swollen lymph node under the other arm some in my bikini line and my neck I can't eat cause feeling like I get full after a few bits then makes me sick when I try still having terrible night sweats itching and have lost about 4 pounds in a month so what in the world is going on with me?
I am waiting on biopsy results now

Thank you the past few yrs have been hard on our family i have 3 kids and after each one my health has gone down hill i dont have ne energy to do much with them and i feel horrible about that! some mornings i dont even feel like getting out of bed and its also hurting my marriage! i had a ct scan the other day but the doctor sai it was normal but i still have these knots and i havent have a cold or ne infection for them to be there its just werid for them to be there when i just had cancer removed 4 months ago! I do have a appt monday with my obgyn so hopefully he can shed some llight as to why they are there!!! 

I am 25 yrs old and i have 2 lumps under my left arm in the armpit they have been there for about 2 months now they dont not hurt even to touch! My left breast is very itchy mostly around the nipple area and they are sore! i had a hystorectomy almost 2 yrs ago and had my thyroid removed about 4 months ago due to cancer! I have been having really bad nights sweats were i wake up with my bedding soaked! I do have friborcystic breast so my breast are always lumpy but i do have this one lil lump next to my nipple its pea size and hard do to have the same knot on the other breast which most of my knots are the same in both cause of the fibrocystic! I know nothing can be told over the internet just looking for input i do have a doctors appt. i think im just going to go ahead and request a biopsy of the lumps under my arm in stead of going through tons of test! ne input is apperciateted 

I'm am recently taking the same meds I'm on 150mcg and still having all them fatigue! I had thyroid cancer so I have my whole thyroid removed I also found another knot under my arm so I'm not sure if the. Fatigue is from my thyroid or if something else is wrong cause if the knot under my arm the knot doesn't hurt its very hard my breast near the knot is tender tho! I'm at the higher end of my thyroid meds and should be feeling normal but I'm not :(..... My cousin had thyroid cancer also and had hers removed and then ended up with breast cancer so I'm not sure if that could be the case or not!
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