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    All the doctors now say that my health, mental clarity and speech are as good as they've been in many years.  They speak the truth.  I now think very little about the ups and downs of my GBM adventure that began in 2009.  I have won my GBM battle.  I hope that you will taste victory too!Enjoy life,Bill

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      I truly believe that I have won my battle against my Grade IV GBM.  As I move into another more normal adventure, I would like to leave you a few tips on what I believed helped me during my 6.25 year GBM adventure.Listen to Your BodyNo one has more knowledge of how they feel and how pills are affecting them than a Survivor.  Doctors have more medical knowledge but base their treatment on the industry standa...

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        Vanessa,May your husband strive for extra time on earth.  As your husband goes through treatment, his life can be filled with Hope, Love, Calmness, Rest, Exercising, Faith, Joy and Knowledge of the value that each day can bring with it. Your husband has many reasons to win! As treatment continues he will experience ups and downs and will likely feel that his brain is in a cloud. With successful treatment, this c...

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          This is great news! Your doing a fine job in listening to what helps your mind and body. Your fellow Cleveland Clinic Survivor,Bill

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            60 Minutes (Duke's) story on Stage 1 treatment of GBM using a polio vaccine sounded very promising. Like the first two patients using the polio vaccine, I also experienced the joy of having a deadly GMB brain tumor disappear unexpectantly during a Stage 1 (non-polio) high dose temodar/XL765 treatment program that was stopped without finding the proper dosage to use. I hope and pray that the story of the polio vaccine...

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              Tell your husband that while you will always be there to help him, he should learn to roll with the punches that life throws his way. Let your husband know that no one holds him responsible for being hit by the brain tumor. Both of you should free yourself of any feelings of guilt. Know that your husband has more control than you do in determining how he writes the rest of his life's story.Bill

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                GBM brain tumor research gets little funding since it affects relatively few people. On top of this, recent research has shown that heredity very seldom (<10%) contributes to the cause of GBM tumors. Knowing this, I suggest that you ignore the random draw of a rare bad brain cell division and simply enjoy your kids and know that you can most help them by doing simple things like driving carefully etc. Bill

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                  From a man who lost his Dad at 10,  I know that you and your children will keep Patrick in your hearts for life. God bless you all.Bill

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                    Julia,You are right to seek Hope. It truly exists! Christmas is a joyful time that is perfect for telling your dad that you love him and respect him. GBM Stage 4 does have Survivors that are on this site. As I travel through my sixth year of beating GBM Stage 4, I have appreciated life as never before. My mental clarity and physical health are great. Today my brain is tested using an MRI once every six months but al...

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                      I am always glad to hear of a Survivor who understands the importance of remaining positive and handling what comes their way. I too believe in the importance of faith in staying calm and having hope. With each day comes another opportunity to enjoy family and life. Good job!Your Fellow Survivor,Bill

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                      I am a very happy 61 year old man who believes (and hopes) that he has successfully completed his journey against a Grade IV GBM tumor. Here is my story.

                      On 8/3/2009 my life and priorities changed. On this day I was hit by my first (and only) seizure. A trip to an emergency room, an MRI and a neurologist soon determined that I had a rapidly growing Grade IV GBM tumor. The growing tumor was very deep in an area that doctors said was next to the two most sensitive portions of the brain (signal translation control and the brain stem).

                      Over the next two and a half years my treatment consisted of:

                      - Having awake surgery (with 60% tumor removal);

                      - Taking low dosage Temodar (220 mg) with targeted IMRT radiation;

                      - Taking high dosage Temodar (420 mg) on a 5/23 schedule for six months;

                      - Having six more months of the heavy dosage 5/23 Temodar combined with a daily 60 mg dosage of a Phase I Investigative drug XL 765;

                      - Having a second round of high dosage Temodar as a final polishing step. My treatment ended in January 2012.

                      In September of 2012, I gave a non-scripted,from the heart, public talk to leading local cancer doctors and donors. The talk was very well received and brought moments of both tears and laughter to the crowd and to my own eyes. Other talks have since been given that have been aimed at giving patients Hope.

                      Today, I feel great. The cloud that existed in my brain during treatment has lifted. MRIs have repeatedly remained clear of any problems. Simply put, I believe that my GBM brain tumor has been defeated. It has been a few years since I have taken any seizure or tumor pills.

                      I believe in maintaining hope and helping others. I enjoy exercising, hiking, biking and family gatherings. While I mainly eat quality food, I also enjoy food that my body loves but that some would consider a guilty pleasure of life. I'm a very optimistic person who enjoys each day that I awaken next to my lovely wife. Our three daughters are now independent women who enjoy their own journeys. I believe in my medical team at the Cleveland Clinic. I listen closely to my brain as regards what is working and what needs to be avoided. More than anything else, I find myself increasingly glad to have the Calmness and Hope that comes from my belief in God and the Catholic Church!

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