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    I am sorry to hear about your Mom, my husband of 44 years just passed in january to stomach cancer. He lasted exactly 451 days, we did everything we could for me.He went through chemo also we try alternative treatments. I have to be honest with you, the first chemotherapy administered is usually the best. Don't let them changed the treatment if it is working, this is what they did to my husband the first chemo shrunk...

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      Chemotherapy only help 2% of the victims.

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        Anyone with stomach cancer had any luck with Keytruda/Opdivo. My husband was on Folfox his Tumor shranked by 50% after 3 months, because of neuropathy he was switched to Folfori it did not worked. The tumors grew back even larger with lots of side effects. The last try was Paclitaxel (Taxol) and Ramucimrumab still no success. His last hope will be with Keytruda/Opdivo. Very disappointed.

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          Plase do not take this information off-line, very informative I just forwarded this information to my girl friend  a few minutes ago. Her mother was newly diagnosed at Mass General Hospital.

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            My husband has stage IV stomach cancer I would like to help me with the RSO cannabis oil. The chemo has been hard on him he is loosing  a lots of weight. I would like to get a good oil but so many of them on the market.

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