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Hi Ray,

Thank you sharing this, it really touched my heart.

After reading your post I felt compelled to respond. I have no intention to offend, but only encourage.

It grieves me also to hear sarcastic remarks, crude jokes, or anything else that shows disrespect toward the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is true that the unbeliever has not been touched and redeemed by His love and forgiveness, therefore they don't understand our desired reverence nor depth of our humble appreciation for who He is or what He did for humanity while we were in a depraved, deathly state. Our Lord that knew no evil, who is completely Righteous and Holy, beared the wrath of God as His Father turned away from Him as He took on every past, present, and future sin of the world. This divine act of love and sacrifice allows us to repent and live by His strength and grace so we will be reunited forever with our Father God.  Jesus Christ is either your Savior God and King, or your eternal Judge.  

In christian love, Lynn

Dear Ray,

So sorry to hear this. I have been thinking about you lately. You have been through much. Remember the old hymn that says,"Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in His light, glory, and grace." 

Hope you are doing alright Ray. You're a BIG support to many here on cancercompass. Mike is doing well for now. His psa in Sept. was undetectible:)

God bless you and your family. Keep in touch when you can.  In Christ Alone, Lynn

Hi Phil,

I will be sure and remember you in my prayers. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

In Christ Alone, Lynn

Isaiah 26:3,4 "God will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in Him, whose mind is stayed on Him. Trust in the Lord God, for He is our everlasting strength." 


Dear Mike,

My name is Lynn. I am not a religious person, but I will share with you my story with gladness and respect for your search.

 Before I was 30 I had explored many avenues for answers to my own eternal destiny, but nothing gave any guarantees that proved to me they were right. After trying out several religions, I was frustrated because they all seemed like man-made philosophies with false hopes and alot of work to get it right, I am from Southern CA and I had many options available to choose from.

I was an RN and witnessed the dread and agony of people sick and hurting, not having any hope or answers to their future life. Finally, I realized that none of us will get out of here alive! This also made me focus on my own mortality, along with a broken marriage that no one could help me fix. 

 I was weary and exhausted, carrying a baggage of mistakes and bad choices that I could not get away from. Understand Mike, that we live in a fallen world caused by sin and rebellion against the Creator. The 10 commandments prove we can never measure up, it is only through the sacrifice of Christ that a reunion with God becomes possible. One night I cried out to the only One who loved us enough to take on the sins of the world as He suffered and died on that cross, so that all who come and trust in Him will be restored back to the Father God, for God and sin can never coexist, that is the reason it is Heaven.

Jesus Christ is the only One who was resurrected on the third day, no longer dead in the grave, but He came forth, alive walking and talking amongst the human race for 40 days to prove His eternal love and offering forgiveness to all those that surrender their life over to Him.  

I am sure your girlfriend understands what I am trying to explain. I pray this helps bring some answers to the most critical and important  question that anyone could ever ask and seek wisdom on.

May Christ touch you Mike and know Him as your Savior and Lord.

In christian love, Lynn    

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish,  but have everlasting life with Him." 

Dear AJoan,

Regarding your question about the chaga mushroom. My husband used it a couple of years ago while going through radiation treatments. He said it tasted a little like cafe mocha. I was told it was rich in glutithione which helps powerhouse the healthy cells, absorbs into the cell easily, has vitamins and electrolytes, gives strength to the liver while detoxifying the free radicals caused by the radiation. I can't remember the exact dose, but I think it was about 1 tbsp with a cup of hot water. He did very well during and after radiation. We got our chaga powder from a company called Tumorx.  From our personal experience with this company we recommend them and feel they carry quality products. You can check out their website tumorx.com  A man named Kelly was a big help to me, full of info and explained all my questions.

Hope this helps a little. In Christ alone, Lynn 

Hi Greg,

So glad to hear you are through the surgery and no positive margins. You know now what you are dealing with and can start treatments to get through this. I'll be praying for you Greg. Keep in touch and tell us how you are doing, we care about you! 

In Christ alone, Lynn and Mike  

Hello Ginnys,

My name is Lynn and my husband also has had prostate cancer. He had surgery and radiation and I thank the Lord, he is in remission at this time. I highly recommend Dan Goldstone's advice. He has really helped us out. He genuinely cares and is very wise about cancer and the different efffective treatments available. Ray is also a great help and very informative!

I understand many of the turbulances associated with this journey as a caregiver, mental and physical. Feel free to message me, I would be glad to share with you anything that might help or if you just want to talk. I am a christian and the Lord Jesus is my refuge and strength. He is always present with us and our constant, faithful Father God. His word says that He has already won the battle for us, with this life and the eternal life to come!!

May God guide you and protect you. In Christ, Lynn 


Thanks pookietrain for sharing the info, something to definitely consider. Keep us posted with any new studies, it helps all of us. God bless, Lynn

Thanks for the true words of wisdom Dave! You are a blessing.

Faith really becomes a verb, doesn't it :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family. In Christ Alone, Lynn

Dave, it's sooo good to hear from you again and to know that you are doing well!! Your notes have always been full of care and encouragment to all that read them. May you have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. You know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is ALWAYS faithful and His mercies endure forever!! As you already know, the challenge is not with cancer, but learning to completely trust in the Savior God with all our whole life, here on this earth and with our eternity. 

 MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Dave and may you continue in the love and strength through Christ, the King above all kings and Lord over all.

May you feel His perfect peace always, Lynn



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Hello. My name is Michael. My wife is Lynn. I was diagnosed at 53 with prostate cancer 5-09. Had surgery 7-09, path report showed positive margin, but I have much to thank God for. Doing diet and natural therapies along with lots of prayer and hope in Jesus Christ, my Savior. We are finding there are many promising alternative therapies available to try. This is me with one of my 7 children ages 2 to 20 yrs.

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